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Project 62 at Shillingstone station.(Andy Thompson)

Welcome…and news
Editor’s Selections
1.The Thames tunnel: the underwater fancy fair.(The Guardian on YouTube)
2.Döllnitzbahn time-travelling baby, September 16-18 2016.(Ronik24 on YouTube)
3.The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On
4.Alnwick Staion..and Barter Books
5.Dumpman Films..10th Anniversary Offers.
6. German Railway Museum.
100 Trains….the journey so far….
Steam Tube Photographic File
Steam Tube Video Vault
Steam Tube Blogs. Relaxing on the Sleeper Train.(railwayblogger)
Tornado…The Story so far…
New & ReBuild News.
B & O Railroad Museum TV
Mainline Steam Schedule
On This Day in History.
Radstock to Frome Railway Project
Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.
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Welcome…and news

Welcome to this February edition of “On Shed”.

You will have noticed that, for the last 5 years, “On Shed” has carried a monthly feature on Iain McGeachin’s travels. He started out in 2013, but a then unspecified illness interrupted his two initial efforts..although, even in that time he probably covered more of the world than most of us are ever likely to see!

Sadly, his ATAXIA is causing his condition to deteriorate. But he is one determined fellow! And so it is fantastic to see that his original desire to go around the world by train has not diminished. In “100 Trains – The JOurney So Far”you can read all about his plans for 2018, and how you can be a part of this..and all in the cause of researching ATAXIA and suitable treatments..maybe even a cure…

Also, in the Editor’s Selections, read and learn about “Keep Calm & Carry On”..and take a tour under the Thames Tunnel..and a fancy fair, amongst other goings on…and a look ahead to a German Railway Museum event starting in June 2018.

This edition keeps us up to date with locomotive refurbs and new locomotives too…another one from the A1 Steam Trust……

So, enjoy!!

Editor’s Selections

1.The Thames tunnel: the underwater fancy fair.(The Guardian on YouTube)

Robert Hulse, director of the Brunel Museum, takes us on a tour of the Thames tunnel, described, when it first opened in 1843, as the eighth wonder of the world

2. Döllnitzbahn time-travelling baby, September 16-18 2016.(Ronik24 on YouTube)

3. The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

4. Alnwick Station..and Barter Books..

5.Dumpman Films..10th Anniversary Offers.

Continuing the ten year anniversary theme of the last few years, a brace of titles have again come of age. To celebrate their longevity, they will be available at reduced prices for the rest of this year:

  • Uckfield to Lewes track bed explored                   3 x dvd       £9
  • The disused railway of Lyminster                          1 x dvd       £5
  • Midhurst to Chichester track bed explored         2 x dvd       £9
  • Midhurst to Pulborough track bed explored       2 x dvd       £8
  • Baystone bridge to Christ’s Hospital station       1 x dvd        £5
  • Hardham canal tunnel illuminated                       1 x dvd        £4
  • Demolition of the Pullman works, Brighton        1 x dvd        £4

Full detailed descriptions of these titles can be found on the website www.dumpman.co.uk in the catalogue pages. All anniversary offer prices from last year are also staying the same, for now. Titles are available on ebay or by emailing directly with your requests (preferred).

For those of you who enjoyed the Dumpman/Bald Explorer collaborations (available on You tube), there are expected to be more of these before the end of January. Enter “Dumpman Bald Explorer” on You tube to see the five shorts completed so far.

Watch this space for details of new Dumpman titles being cooked up later in 2018, with the much anticipated return of the Raleigh Chopper, doubtlessly clattering uninvited through someone’s back garden and hopefully disappearing speedily before being apprehended.

As usual, let me know if you no longer wish to receive these little updates and I will remove you from the list.

All the best for the new year,



Dieseltriebzug the class VT 11.5 of the former German Federal Railways – also known as “Trans Europe Express” (TEE), from July 2018 to see the DB Museum Nuremberg. Photo: DB Museum / Klaus Mosch.

“In Germany the two tracks” Railway Museum is Germany’s largest exhibition on German-German Transport History

Exhibition area extensively renovated and remodeled – opening on June 7, 2018 • Rail legends Trans Europe Express and Vindobona first seen together in Nuremberg • Museum Locations Koblenz and Halle / Saale achieved in 2017 again in visitors • exhibitions and summer festivals in all three museums planned.

(Nuremberg / Berlin, January 31, 2018) stories and lectures to the railroad. Offers for school groups and families. Unique vehicle shows in Nuremberg, Koblenz and Halle. The team of the DB Museum has big plans for 2018 a lot. Museum Director Dr. Oliver Götze today unveiled the program before in Nuremberg. The undisputed highlight is the re-opening of the modernized exhibition areas for the division of Germany under the title “In Germany the two tracks”. After two years of closing time and complete redesign this part of the permanent exhibition from June 7, 2018 to be seen again.

Museum Director Dr. Oliver idol. Photo: DB Museum / Uwe Niklas.

Dr. Oliver Götze said:

“With over 600 exhibits to more than 600 square meters, the DB Museum will show the nationwide greatest show on German-German history of transport in 1945 The role of railways in West and East during the division could not be more different, we invite our visitors.. to rediscover this chapter in our history. “

See “TEE” and “Vindobona” the first time together in Nuremberg: Rail legends from East and West.


Class VT 11.5 of the German Federal Railways. Photo: DB Museum / Klaus Mosch(Left) and Diesel Express VT 18:16 of the former East German Reichsbahn series, including as “Vindobona” in use. Photo: DB Museum / Klaus Mosch.

With the newly designed exhibition area “In Germany the two tracks” tells the DB Museum of the era of German division between World War ended in 1945 and fall of the Wall in 1989. Four decades were in Germany two mutually hostile societies over. The political differences also influenced the role of the railways and led to a different view of transport and mobility.

With the opening of the show in early June, the National Railway Museum offers a series of lectures, guided tours and workshops. In addition, a movie night with historic advertising films and a culinary tour with original dishes from the dining car of Reichsbahn and Bundesbahn planned. With the legendary diesel multiple units “Trans Europe Express” and “Vindobona” two legends of the track will be first seen together at the Nuremberg museum grounds also from July 2018th Both long-distance trains were crucial to the development of rail transport in the 1950s and 1960s in East and West.

Oldest operable electric locomotive DB returns.

Even in locations Koblenz and Hall there will be a lot of movement. Thus, two legendary vehicles are put back on the track after extensive restoration: the electric locomotives E 69 004 and 103 001. You will see, among others, at the summer festival in Koblenz be (16-17 June.), Under the motto “50 Years Series 218 and 60 electric traction Koblenz – Cologne “is. With the E 10 121, the locomotive of the train at that opening obtained receives a large appearance. Also, the DB museum hall is the summer festival (25-26. August) show a big show of diesel locomotives and rail pick legends of the East German Reichsbahn from the depots.

Electric Locomotive 10121 will be seen in mid-June to the summer festival of the DB Museum Koblenz. Photo: Railway Museum.(left)
E-Lok 103,001 returns after restoration back to rail. Amongst others at the summer festival of the DB Museum Koblenz. Photo: DB Museum / Daniel Meyer.

Special exhibition in November: “top secret track”
Another highlight of the Nuremberg DB Museum is planning for the fall, a special exhibition: Under the working title “top secret car” combines the museum team myths, legends and scandals from 200 years of railway history and is thereby enlighten also some “Fake Fact”.
Retrospective 2017: Renewed increase in visitors in Koblenz and Halle.

At the annual press conference director of the museum drew Dr. Oliver Götze also record last year. A total of 214,300 visitors came in 2017 in the three collections. As expected fewer visitors counted: for refurbishment at the Nuremberg headquarters were 165,798 guests (189 143 2016). In contrast, the two depots Koblenz and Halle were able to record an increase in visitors again: After Koblenz around 36,000 guests and ensure that as many came as never before (2016: 35,000). The DB Museum in Halle / Saale was the first time welcomed 10,600 visitors. Crowd pullers were the summer festivals of the two sites (Koblenz: 7,900 visitors; Hall: 4,500 guests). The Nuremberg House witnessed particularly the “Blue Night” in May 2017 of visitors (8,000 guests).

100 Trains….the journey so far….


One epic, and collaborative, voyage. 40 individual train trips.

And you can be part of it.


All smiles with Tim White(right) on Day 1 of the original 2013 attempt.

The 2018 route (From – To : Train/Railway Name):

START/END (Central Hotel in Glasgow Central Station)

Glasgow – Carlisle : West Coast Main Line

Carlisle – Settle : Carlisle Settle Line

Settle – Leeds : Northern Rail

Leeds – London : East Coast Main Line

London – Paris : Eurostar

Paris – Moscow : (2 nights on the famous Paris-Moscow Express)

Moscow – Ulan Ude : Trans Siberian Express

Ulan Ude – Beijing : Trans Mongolian Express (or alternatively the Trans-Manchurian Express)

Beijing – Hanoi : Beijing-Nanning-Hanoi Through Train

Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) : Reunification Express

[Fly: Ho Chi Minh – Bangkok (no railway across Cambodia – 2013 plan included Bamboo Railway)]

Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur : Eastern & Oriental Express (1)

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore : Eastern & Oriental Express (2)

[FLY: Singapore-Darwin (or Singapore-Perth, but Darwin is my pref)

Darwin – Adelaide : The Ghan

Adelaide – Melbourne : Overland

Melbourne – Sydney : CountryLink

[Fly: Sydney – Auckland]

Auckland – Wellington : Northern Explorer

[Ferry: Wellington – Picton]

Picton – Christchurch : Coastal Pacific

Christchurch – Greymouth (RTN) : Tranzalpine

[Fly: Christchurch – Sydney]

Sydney – Brisbane : XPT

Brisbane – Cairns : Sunlander

[Fly: Cairns – Seoul]

Seoul – Busan : KTX – Gyeongbu Line

[Ferry: Busan – Fukuoka (“Beetle” JR Kyushu Jet Ferry)]

Fukuoka – Hiroshima : Shinkansen Mizuho

Hiroshima – Tokyo : Shinkansen Nozomi

[Fly: Tokyo – Los Angeles]

Los Angeles – New Orleans : Sunset Limited

New Orleans – Washington DC : Crescent

Washington DC – Chicago : Capitol Limited

Chicago – San Francisco (Emeryville) : California Zephyr

San Francisco – Portland : Coast Starlight

Portland – Vancouver : Cascades

Vancouver – Calgary : Rocky Mountaineer

[Bus: Calgary – Edmonton]

Edmonton – Toronto : The Canadian

Toronto – New York : Maple Leaf

New York – JFK Airport : Long Island Railroad

[Fly: New York (JFK) – London (LHR)]

Heathrow Airport – London : Heathrow Express

London – Fort William : Caledonian Sleeper

Fort Wiliam – Mallaig : The Jacobite (AKA “Hogwarts Express”)

[Ferry/Bus: Mallaig – Skye – Kyle of Lochalsh]

Kyle of Lochalsh – Inverness : Kyle Line

Inverness – Edinburgh : Highland Main Line

Edinburgh – Glasgow : Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway


This will actually be my second attempt at making this journey. A wee bit of history:

It was during my original “around the world by train” journey, in late 2013, that I first I started to fall over for no apparent reason. I had reached Novosibirsk in Siberia (on the famed Trans-Siberian Express), when I decided that it might be wise to abandon the journey there and then, and return home to Scotland for medical tests to find the cause of my increasing balance problem.

After I had zig-zagged all across Europe. Covering over 21,000km. So not a bad first effort.

In March 2015, and after 17 months of scans, lumbar punctures and blood tests to find the cause of my falls, I was finally diagnosed with spinocerebellar ataxia. A very rare, incurable (and progressive), neurological condition which will eventually see me in a wheelchair. Or worse.

“Ataxia” was completely new to me. Which isn’t that much of a surprise though really, as I have subsequently found out that I was not alone in my ignorance: 91% of the UK population have never heard of it either.

I know all about it now though!

I also discovered that a specific type of ataxia (Friedreich’s Ataxia) also affects children/young people too though. Children and young people who will never have the chance to see some of the things that I have been fortunate enough to see, or who will never have the chance to experience some of the things I have been lucky enough to experience.

And, rather sadly, I also learned that the medical research which aims to find a cure for this condition, and which is currently being done in a variety of medical laboratories across the planet, is totally reliant on charity for its continued funding.

So, to do my bit, and to raise some of the money needed, I started “walking”.

Between 2015 and 2017, and while I could still walk for long distances (although I increasingly had to rely on my walking stick, mainly for balance at that stage), I “walked”.

Raising £1,100, and immeasurable amounts of ataxia-awareness, at the same time.

During all of this time though, and in the back of my mind, I always had the goal of completing my original “round the world by train” journey (the journey that I was in the middle of, in 2013, when I first started to fall over).

So now that the progression of my own ataxia means that long-distance walking is now impossible for me (even shorter distances are now difficult), and as I would like to continue my fundraising/awareness-raising efforts, trains are back at the forefront of my mind.

So how is the continuation of this “around the world by train – for charity” trip being funded?

My estimate is that this trip will cost as much as £5,000 (even more if I need to take a “carer” with me).

Until now though, and with the help of some very kind supporters, all previous fundraising events have been self-financed. However, if I rely solely on my own ability to save for the continuation of this wee train trip, then it will be years before I can make the trip (and I will be in a wheelchair LONG before then). So I’m relying on income from other sources too.

And this is where you can help (and be an integral part of the journey too):

1. To help pay for the journey.

1.1. Sponsor a specific train trip.

The entire journey is made up of 40 individual train trips. And each of these 40 individual train trips can be sponsored for just £50 (or the equivalent in your own currency).

Each of these 40 individual train trips will be documented in separate articles. And these 40 articles will make up the final account of the journey.

In exchange for sponsoring one of the 40 specific train trips, the sponsor’s/company’s name will be featured alongside the trip name in the article title.

Example: “Around The World By Train: The Trans-Siberian Express (Russia). Trip sponsor: [Your/Company Name]”.

Additionally, this whole event is being broadcast continually to a social media audience which now numbers well in excess of 32,000 followers (so it is an excellent SEO/advertising opportunity too).

And finally, individual trip sponsors will be listed in the main List of Supporters for the overall journey. A very exclusive list which will not be added to after the trip has been completed.

[Would you like to Sponsor one of the 40 individual train trips? If so, please contact me via Facebook or Twitter].

(Iain McGeachin  ..https://kiltedwalker.com/rtwbytrain/)

Steam Tube Photographic File.

The following selection of photographs(unless otherwise acknowledged) come from Yahoo Group Pakistan Railways via Owais Mughal

Inline image

Loco preserved outside Lahore station. The fortified towers with turrets are part of Lahore station building.

Inline image      Inline image

Karachi Cantt Station (it was then called Frere Road Station. circa 1900) The train seen is the 0530 passenger’s arrival from Kotri Jn to Karachi Cantt. .. and Bannu Station (c1936)

Inline image

A loco on a turntable.(Unknown Origin)

Inline image

Bostan Junction.(C)SR subak_raftar@yahoo.com)

Steam Tube Video Vault

A compilation of some of my video clips from 2017: Locomotives:- 46233 Duchess of Sutherland, 35028, Clan Line, 60009 Union of South Africa, 60103 Flying Scotsman, 60163 Tornado, 46100 Royal Scot, 34046 Braunton running as 34052 Lord Dowding, 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, Black 5 No. 45212, Pannier Tanks Nos. 9466 + 9600.(Dave Wadley)

Technical safety test of steam locomotive 526.001. (Dominik Schön on YouTube)

Jeddo Coal #85 and The Revenue Freight.(Big Jim Video Productions on YouTube)
Before the Steam Under The Stars event at the Allentown & Auburn Railroad, in Kutztown, PA, there were a few other events that happened on the afternoon of Friday, October 6, 2017. We captured two of them – the first was the end of a whistle recording session. After that, a first revenue freight move for a newly-restored steam locomotive.

Jeddo Coal #85, an 0-4-0 tank engine restored by the Gramling Locomotive Works, was on it’s second assignment since it was finished being rebuilt earlier in the summer of 2017. This assignment was in Kutztown, PA on the Allentown & Auburn Railroad. A manufacturer of DCC sound decoders for model trains, Train Control Systems (TCS) had rented out #85 for the afternoon, and had been using it and a small period freight consist to record steam locomotive action sounds, and whistles. After getting the earlier action sounds, the crew went and got coal and water in Kutztown and returned to swap out and record numerous whistles. After that, however, the freight consist had to return to the yard at Topton, PA, and the locomotive to Kutztown for the evening’s “Steam Under The Stars” rides. So, the 0-4-0 put on quite a good show both leaving the picnic grove, and arriving at Topton with her consist. After dropping the consist, it headed towards Kutztown.

We then catch her at Kutztown for another small, yet historic event. There was an empty revenue freight car sitting at the station that needed to be moved. So, the diminutive 0-4-0 hooked up to the N&W covered hopper and in a unique scene, you see both the old and the new – a small switcher steam locomotive from another era, pushing a much larger and more modern revenue freight car. This was the first time Jeddo Coal #85 had worked with revenue freight in a very long time – hopefully it won’t be the last. After coaling up again and topping off on water, the locomotive pulled ahead to the depot for the evening’s runs.

Steam Tube Blogs.

Relaxing on the Sleeper Train.(railwayblogger)

Over recent years the overnight sleeper train has made a significant comeback. Many people have opted to travel this way over other methods. Not only is it a very civilized and stress free way to travel, it can be cost-effective. The journey can negate the need for a hotel as transport and accommodation are all in one. Time is well spent relaxing in a safe environment. I’d rather be on a sleeper train than cooped up in a in a road vehicle with a far inferior safety record and wasted time stopping for comfort breaks etc.

Some passenger prefer to use sleeper trains rather than airline travel. The ever reducing amount of baggage allowed along with passport and security checks is off putting. It’s interesting that in Europe, ÖBB are introducing new sleepers called Nightjet Trains.

Continue reading HERE

Tornado…The Story so far…

January winter maintenance update

The work continues at Locomotive Maintenance Services in Loughborough, encompassing a routine cylinder re-bore (which means, in theory, Tornado is at its greatest tractive ability with cylinders bored to the maximum and tyres turned to the minimum!), a full valve gear exam and routine renewals of pipework and unions.  One small modification has seen an additional trap-door let in to the ash pan to facilitate washing out at disposal.

Tornado to the Bluebell in 2018!

We are pleased to confirm that plans are at an advanced stage for the Bluebell Railway to again host Tornado.  The locomotive will be at the railway for five days in 2018 to include the Spring Bank Holiday Monday on May 28th; days of operation will be: –

Friday 25th to Tuesday 29th May inclusive.

Events around the visit and rostering of duties are still being finalised – keep watching this space for more details.

Tornado’s 2018 Programme.

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is proud that Tornado will continue to be operated on the Network Rail main line by DB Cargo, which has worked successfully with the Trust since the locomotive’s completion in 2008.

You can download the 2018 Tour Guide here.


  • Saturday 24th February – ‘The North Briton’ – Cambridge to Carlisle and return (Tornado from Doncaster) – SOLD OUT
  • Saturday 3rd to Sunday 11th March – North Yorkshire Moors Railway
  • Friday 16th to Sunday 18th March – Severn Valley Railway
  • Saturday 24th March – ‘The Sulis and Sarum Express’ – West Midlands Stations to Bath and Salisbury  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April – East Lancashire Railway
  • Saturday 14th April – ‘The Ebor Flyer’ – First 90mph train – London to York  – SOLD OUT
  • Saturday 21st April – Midland Railway Centre
  • Saturday 28th April – ‘The Ynys Mon Express’ – East Midlands and North Staffordshire stations to North Wales Coast (Option: Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway)  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 13th May – Nene Valley Railway
  • Saturday 19th May – ‘The Canterbury Tale’ – Peterborough, St. Neots, Stevenage, Potters Bar and Finsbury Park to Canterbury and Dover Coast –  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Friday 25th to Tuesday 29th May – Bluebell Railway
  • Saturday 2nd June – ‘The Yorkshire Pullman’ – Belmond British Pullman luxury train from London to York and Scarborough – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 21st July – ‘The Talisman’ – London to Durham (Option: Beamish) and Newcastle. Return journey with Deltic diesel locomotive D9009 Alycidon  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July – 10th Anniversary Party – Darlington
  • Wednesday 1st August – ‘The Mad Hatter’ – 10th anniversary train – Darlington, York and Wakefield to Chester  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 11th August – ‘The Settle & Carlisle Golden Tour I’ – Bristol to Appleby via Carlisle – Pathfinder Tours
  • Wednesday 15th August – ‘The Settle & Carlisle Golden Tour II’ – Didcot to Appleby, return via Carlisle – Pathfinder Tours
  • Saturday 18th August – ‘The Bard of Avon’ – Manchester Piccadilly to Stratford-upon-Avon – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 13th October – A1/P2 Convention – Darlington

The Trust respectfully requests that anyone wanting to see Tornado follows the rules of the railway and only goes where permitted.

A third new steam locomotive – Gresley class V4 No. 3403

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust (A1SLT), the registered charity behind famous new 100mph steam locomotive No. 60163 Tornado and Britain’s most powerful steam locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales, today announced that the first components have been acquired for its third new steam locomotive – Gresley class V4 No. 3403.

The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) class V4 was a class of 2-6-2 steam locomotive designed by Sir Nigel Gresley for mixed-traffic use. It was Gresley’s last design for the LNER before he died in 1941. The class V4s had similarities in their appearance and mechanical layout to the class V2s of which pioneer No. 4771 Green Arrow is preserved as a part of the National Collection. The class V2s, introduced in 1936, had limited route availability and the class V4 was a lightweight alternative, suitable for use over the whole of the LNER network.

Two locomotives were built at the LNER’s Doncaster Works in 1941. The first locomotive, No. 3401 Bantam Cock, had a scaled-down version of the Gresley Pacific boiler with a grate area of 27½ sq. ft. Its tractive effort of 27,000 lbs was produced by boiler pressure of 250 psi and three cylinders of 15in diameter. The second locomotive, No. 3402, incorporated a fully welded steel firebox and a single thermic syphon for water circulation. It was not named but was known unofficially as “Bantam Hen”. The class was tried on the Great Eastern section of the LNER, and was well received, with more power than the existing Gresley class B17 4-6-0s and better riding qualities. It was anticipated that many more would be produced, but after the sudden death of Gresley in April 1941 and his succession by Edward Thompson, no more were built. Instead, the simpler two-cylinder Thompson class B1 4-6-0 was adopted as the LNER’s standard mixed-traffic locomotive and 410 were built between 1942 and 1952. The two locomotives were sent to Scotland for use on the West Highland Line, although their wheel arrangement was not particularly suitable for the line’s steep gradients. The two class V4s were renumbered Nos. 1700/1 in 1946 and later became British Railways Nos. 61700/1. Both locomotives were scrapped in 1957 when their boilers became due for renewal.


(Image Courtesy: A1 Steam Locomotive Trust)

 At its Silver Jubilee Convention in October 2015, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust announced that it would follow its Peppercorn class A1 4-6-2 No. 60163 Tornado and Gresley class P2 2-8-2 No. 2007 Prince of Wale swith the construction of further extinct LNER steam locomotives – a Gresley class V4 2-6-2, a Gresley class V3 2-6-2T and a Gresley class K3 2-6-0. At its Annual Convention in September 2017, the Trust confirmed that it has started work identifying and scanning the original drawings for the Gresley class V4 at the National Railway Museum in York in order that the design book for new locomotive could be created within 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD).

 The Trust has since acquired and taken delivery of a complete set of fully-certified tyres for the new Gresley class V4’s pony, Cartazzi and 5ft 8in driving wheels. They have been purchased from David Buck, owner of Thompson class B1 4-6-0 No. 61306 Mayflower, along with a chimney, two BR class 08 shunter speedometer drive generators and two two-stage single spindle air pumps of Finnish origin including lubricator pumps and check valves for use on No. 2007.

The tyres were originally manufactured in South Africa in the late 1990s for Malcolm Barlow, a Doncaster scrap dealer who launched the Gresley V4 Society in 1994 to build a new example of the class. David Buck acquired the parts six months ago in a job lot of items that Malcolm Barlow had salvaged from Doncaster Works on its closure – including a number of class B1 components.

Mark Allatt, Trustee, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, added:

“We want to be ready to start building our new Gresley class V4 as soon as our new class P2 is completed. If we’re in our new and much larger base at Whessoe Road by then – and there’s a good chance we will be – we could even start work on No. 3403 before No. 2007 Prince of Wales steams in 2021. We anticipate the project costing around £2.5m and taking around five years subject to the pace of fundraising. Our new Gresley class V4 is an ideal locomotive for regional main line tours, repeat main line itineraries and the longer, main line connected heritage railways.

“Unlike the class P2, where we have had to do a considerable amount of development work to complete the job that Sir Nigel Gresley started in 1934, there will be very little redesign work needed as there were no known problems with the Gresley class V4s.

“Although there is no specific appeal open for No. 3403 yet, any donations made towards it will be ring-fenced for the project.”

General Steam Navigation Locomotive Restoration Society


Updates HERE


“Hengist” – The Clan Project

Updates HERE

(Click on images below!)



US Projects

“Big Boy”

Progress Report.

by Jason Johnson, General Manager PRR T1 Trust

It is not often a dream starts to really take shape and you can see the momentum building and that dream becoming a reality before your eyes. This report will show how far we have come and give you a hint of what the next couple years will look like.

We often hear comments such as “I won’t believe it until you build the boiler” or “I won’t support it until they have a frame built”. Much of the past couple years has been doing the research to make it happen. Thousands of hours from volunteers all over the world have stepped up with their time to make this build happen. Many more have stepped up with their pocket books and supported the project.

Two of those volunteers are stepping up in a big way and supporting the project. Wolf Fengler, a Mechanical Engineer out of Colorado (and a familiar face with Santa Fe 4-8-4 #3751 crew) has been working on converting the boiler from riveted construction to all welded construction to meet todays ASME standards. He has had help from Dave Griner, Scott McGill and myself, but he has been spearheading the design and you will see from his report below, he is well underway.

Jeff Kinsberg, president of JAKTool in New Jersey has taken upon his company to tackle the job of building the highly complex frame in CAD software (Solidworks). This is an extremely time consuming task, but a necessary one. His team has done an outstanding job to date and we always look forward to his updates. You will see from his report Jeff and his team are committed to making this a reality, so in a short time we can start cutting steel. The frame will be mostly a weldment with some cast components fixed as well. Once frame has been drawn, it will be run through a series of testing to show that it is strong enough to support the locomotive. Only after rigorous testing in the software will construction begin.

If you run into any of these individuals or their team members, thank them for the work they are doing. It takes a village to achieve success, we are very thankful for those members that have stepped up and for the new ones joining every week. If you don’t have the time or skills to give to the project, consider becoming a monthly donor so we can continue to make big parts and we can see the 5550 screaming down the rails!

Continue reading HERE


C & O  2-6-6-2. No 1309 


Our crowd funding campaign to raise $3,000 to build the Smokebox barrel is now live.Please share this with everyone you know and consider a pledge towards this worthy project.


23rd January 2018 update: Happy New Year to you all from the V499 Project team. We’ve been a little quiet recently however we have been busy on painting the cab at Maldon and working on more drawings too. We also felt it we’d give everyone a break over Christmas/New Year.

A few days ago we launched a crowd funding campaign to raise $3,000Au to build the smokebox barrel of V499. We are very happy to say that in less than 48hrs $1,550 has already been pledged. That is a fantastic result and we hope to have the target met in order for us to hit the green button.

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LMS Ex inspection 45036

The short term aim is to have a fully restored chassis and then rebuild it as a saloon in the long term , she is located at Tanat Valley Light Railway (TVLR)

Andrew Barclay 2352…
Restoration Progress on Andrew Barclay No. 2352

First 2018 Volunteer Work Week (5 March 2018 – 11 March 2018)

Tanat Valley Light Railway Company
SY10 9HW Nantmawr, Shropshire

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6880 Society (6880 “Betton Grange”)


B & O Railroad Museum TV

Each month the B&O TV Network, starring actor Michael Gross, spotlights a moment in B&O Railroad history. Take a journey into the past and view one or all of these episodes posted on YouTube.

Mainline Steam Schedule

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5043 at Honeybourne 4th October 2014

On This Day in History


The body of Queen Victoria is conveyed by the London & South Western,London, Brighton & South Coast and Great Western Railways from Gosport via London to Windsor, England for her funeral

Great Western Railway of England begins production of ‘Star’ Class 4-6-0      locomotives at its Swindon Works, beginning a series of successful 4-cylinder designs

06/02/1964      1964: Green light for Channel Tunnel
The British and French Governments have announced their commitment to build a tunnel under the English Channel.
Both countries now have the capital and technical skills to bring the project – first mooted 162 years ago – to life but their official statements do not give a definite timetable.
British Transport Minister Ernest Marples told the House of Commons: “It remains to be decided when and how best the expense involved can be sustained.”
The scheme – first proposed by Napoleon as an invasion strategy – has the keen support of French President Charles de Gaulle.
Precise details of design, engineering and financing still need to be confirmed, but the Channel Tunnel is most likely to be a twin-tunnelled rail link, costing at least £160m and taking five years to build.
The Channel Tunnel finally opened, a year late, in 1994, leaving Eurotunnel with debts of £925m a year later.
By 1999 Eurotunnel declared its first net profit.
It was voted the best construction achievement of the 20th century in a survey of 400 engineers in March 1999.

Great Western Railway of England turns out prototype of ‘Saint’ Class 4-6-0 locomotive from its Swindon Works, beginning a series of successful 2-cylinder designs

London and North Eastern Railway (Great Britain) takes delivery of express passenger 4-6-2 steam locomotive Flying Scotsman from its Doncaster Works

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North British Locomotive Company established as a locomotive builder in Glasgow,  Scotland, by merger of Dübs and Company, Neilson, Reid and Company, and Sharp, Stewart and Company

Bristol Castle (7013) substitutes for 4082 Windsor Castle on King George VI ‘s funeral train..bearing  4082’s nameplates etc, which were never returned to the actual locomotive.

The Hull Paragon rail accident in England kills 12 people

21/02 1804
Richard Trevithick’s Penydarren – used to transport iron across nine miles of track –      becomes the first successful steam locomotive run on rails.

The final members of Class 52 diesel hydraulic locomotives (Westerns) ran on BR bringing to an end the independence of the Western Region and the GWR and the end of Swindon rule .

A Class 52 on display at the NRM York May 2016

A London Underground train has crashed at Moorgate, killing the driver and at least 29 passengers and injuring more than 70 in the worst-ever Tube disaster.
The 0837 train from Drayton Park to Moorgate was packed with commuters going to work when it overshot the platform and ploughed into a dead-end tunnel at 0846.
Passengers on platform nine said the train appeared to shudder and accelerate as it arrived at the station.

The Selby rail crash (also known as the Great Heck rail crash) was a high-speed train accident that occurred at Great Heck near Selby, North Yorkshire, England on the morning of 28 February 2001. 10 people were killed and 82 people suffered serious injuries.

Radstock to Frome Railway Project

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Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.

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Book review: The English Railway Station

Around the UK’s Heritage Railways A – Z.    “K”


Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Railway offering regular passenger rides between two or more stations. Standard gauge.
Keith and Dufftown Railway Railway offering regular passenger rides between two or more stations. Standard gauge.
Kent & East Sussex Railway Railway offering regular passenger rides between two or more stations. Standard gauge.
Kidderminster Railway Museum Museum (passenger rides not usually available).
Kirklees Light Railway



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NERHT is a voluntary society founded in 1999 to help railway preservation in the former Soviet Union and the other ex-Communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

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