Stadler wins two contracts in Poland.(Stadler)

Stadler has two-fold reason to celebrate: Chairman Peter Spuhler could sign two new contracts in Poland these days. For MPK Krakow Stadler build 35 trams with an option of 15 additional vehicles. With Koleje Mazowieckie Stadler concludes a framework agreement for the supply of 71 FLIRT EMU. run more promising tenders.

“This is a breakthrough in Poland,” says Peter Spuhler, owner and chairman of Stadler. He has traveled along with sales manager Peter Jenelten to Poland and has ever signed there yesterday in Krakow and in Warsaw today a contract for the delivery of new rolling stock. After Stadler over 10 years ago established its own factory in Poland and established a subsidiary, was that in addition to occasional orders in the domestic market – successfully mainly for exports – for the regional operator Koleje Mazowieckie, Koleje Śląskie and Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna and state operator PKP Intercity. Stadler was now that in two cases against the local competition in Poland prevail is for Peter Spuhler and his team a great success: “It was worth it, that we have remained persistent. In the end, the best quality and the best price-performance ratio has prevailed. ” 

The contract with the Municipal Transport Company Krakow (MPK) has won venture in consortium with its joint partner Solaris Bus & Coach Stadler. The signature took place yesterday Tuesday in Krakow’s government buildings along with Mayor Prof. Jacek Majchrowski, CEO of MPK Kraków – Rafał Świerczyński and Mariusz Szalkowski, Peter Spuhler and Solaris owner Solange Olszewska. The order volume for the 50 vehicles (35 + 15 in option) amounts to 363.5 million PLN.

Convenient and quick entry and exit

In the ordered vehicles is modern, three-part low-floor trams with four bogies. The 35 new trams offer of 80 seats and 147 standing places and a place for a wheelchair. The wide front doors of 1.4 meters allow a convenient and quick entry and exit. The front of the vehicle was constructed together with MPK in a manner which limits the risk of a collision with a passer-by, that it is drawn under the vehicle.

The delivery of the first trams to Krakow is planned within 24 months. The last vehicles of the order will be delivered within 30 months of the signing of the contract. Regular operation is planned for 2020th

Enlargement of the FLIRT fleet in Mazovia

With the railway company Koleje Mazowieckie in Mazowieckie Stadler was able to conclude a framework agreement for the supply of 71 FLIRT EMU. The signing today of Tomorrow by Peter Spuhler and Peter Jenelten in Warsaw.


1.FLIRT Mazovia.2 R. Stępień, A. Struzik, Spuhler P. and P. Jenelten.3.P. Spuhler and S. Olszewska.(Stadler Images)

Already in June 2006, Stadler had received its first order from Poland for the supply of 14 FLIRT. The 14 FLIRT are in regular operation on regional rail routes in Mazovia and Silesia in use. They are characterized by high reliability and are very popular according to surveys of passengers. Ten of these FLIRT be operated in the future by Koleje Mazowieckie.

At the signing ceremony, Peter Spuhler said:

“We are very pleased that we have won the new tender of Koleje Mazowieckie and that we can thus provide the latest generation of reliable, safe and comfortable vehicles for Mazovia. Train operators and passengers will benefit from the modern vehicles alike. “

The new FLIRT are generously conceived and designed for a maximum speed of 160 km / h. They are equipped with the ETCS Level 2nd The modern entrance doors, the powerful air conditioning, the facilities for visual and acoustic passenger information and a WLAN contribute to the comfort of the passengers. Toilets and fixtures are specially designed for people with disabilities. Even strollers and bicycles can be carried easily. The vehicles are also equipped with defibrillators and an intercom so that passengers can get in touch with the driver in dangerous situations. The order volume amounts to 2.2 billion PLN and. thus is the largest ever tender for regional trains in Poland.

Stadler in Poland

Stadler Polska has started its operation in an assembly hall on a leased by PKP grounds in Siedlce in of 2007. The workshop was modernized in the following years and developed into a production plant according to the latest standards. Stadler Polska currently employs around 700 skilled employees and is one of the largest employers in Siedlce.