The approved program of the government: pensioners and students will ride the trains free of charge.( )

Government Andrej Babis counted in his keynote with free travel on trains for pensioners over 65 years, pupils and students under 26 years. Among the priorities listed buildings increased traffic also continued D49 motorway.

“Seniors and students deserve free transport by train, because we are in the final text of the government’s policy statement this by our proposal. We have overhead fare for railway employees, senior citizens and former employees. This will always impede competition in a market opening of the railway, “he said after an emergency government meeting Transport Minister Dan Tok. According to the minister that the issue had to be resolved in the long term. “We assume that some seniorpas or certificate for students that would be chargeable on the basis of which they could ride pensioners over 65 and students under 26 years free of charge,” he added.

According to the final wording of the policy statement of a Babišová government “to adopt a decision under specified conditions allow free use of rail passenger transport for pensioners over 65 years, pupils and students to 26 years of age.” The exact form of the free fare, and the associated costs for the state, resulting to a set of conditions. An important example is the amount of the waist for seniors and students and other parameters, which are leading the debate.

Government: In 2021 we will launch 210 km of motorways

Among the priorities Babišová by the government include the final version of the program statement also intensify the construction of highways to all major routes, namely D1, D3, D4, D6, D7, D11, D35, D48, D49, D52, D55. The government also wants to finish the complete modernization of the D1 motorway between Prague and Brno.

“By 2021 we will launch 210 km of highways, 110 km of highways and 100 km of new upgraded D1. 2021 rozestavíme further 180 km of motorways, “the government statement in the program.

The complete version of the right government’s policy statement can be found on our website here .