“Autonomous vehicles: driving the debate on public transport” “What is the impact on our European cities?”(UITP)

The role of autonomous vehicles is driving the debate on public transport.
As the European Commission supports the development and testing of autonomous
vehicles, the Europe Department at UITP hosted a half-day conference (Brussels, 25
January 2018) to discuss the impact of AVs on European cities.

The objective of the event was to tackle the most important questions surrounding the
impact autonomous road vehicles will have on cities and public transport.
Beyond the technological aspects, UITP wished to highlight what the deployment of
autonomous vehicles will mean for cities and under which conditions this innovation can
really become a success.

In order to develop to debate surrounding AVs, the Europe Department at UITP were
delighted to welcome distinguished speakers and contributors such as Karima Delli, MEP
and Chair of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, European Parliament; Professor
Markus Friedrich, University of Stuttgart, Germany and Maxilmilian Strotmann,Member of the Cabinet of Andrus Ansip, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the Digital Single Market, European Commission to offer their opinions on autonomous vehicles.

How will AVs develop? They will develop because of people
like you (transport associations and bodies). Tomorrow the
autonomous car must be sustainable…the electricity must be
green. Renewable energy needs to happen now.”
Karima Delli MEP

The event addressed and discussed key issues such as the public transport sector’s
experience so far with autonomous road vehicles; AVs becoming a part of public transport
across our cities, the improvement of urban mobility and quality of life, public transport
priorities and investments and what recommendations can be made for the European
The future of autonomous vehicles will continue to develop – in order to stay involved in
the debate read the official UITP policy brief on autonomous vehicles here