Extract: Presentation of results for the year 2017.(CAF)

CAF  Tranvia Friburgo   and  CAF Civity NS.

CAF Tranvia Houston and CAF Tranvia St Etienne.(CAF Images).

  • Launch of the CAF Group strategic initiatives for the year 2020: Growth, Efficiency and Digitalisation
  • Adjustment to the growth cycle with new resources in the Group: engineering and development centre in Beasain, expansion and updating of CAF Mexico, etc.
  • Purchase of greenfield and start of construction of the new plant in Newport, (Wales, UK). To start operating by mid 2018
  • M&A: Acquisition of BWB and RIFER as levers for the growth of the subsidiaries CAF T&E and MiiRA, respectively.

Acceleration of order intake in the fourth quarter allowed us to meet the order intake target for the financial year.

The main contracts signed during the fourth quarter of 2017 3, and included in the backlog, were:

  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Metro Express (Mauritius)
  • Manila (Philippines)
  • De Lijn (Belgium)
  • West Midlands (United Kingdom)
  • Auckland (New Zealand)
  • Budapest (Hungary)
  • Naples (Italy)


The Company’s favourable outlook is maintained:

▪ Maintenance of double-digit turnover growth in 2018

▪ Upward trend in profit in the coming financial years, supported by:

  1. a) Increased activity, especially in the European manufacturing plants
  2. b) Contracting margin in line with that achieved in the past
  3. c) Backlog with a lower execution risk
  4. d) Operational excellence and efficiency programmes:

– Improvement in manufacturing and industrialisation management

– Optimisation of supplier’s performance in terms of quality and deliveries

– Globalisation of purchasing and improvement in its management

– Efficient inventory management

Digitalisation of processes

▪ Ambition to maintain the current historic backlog, based on stable value of open tenders exceeding 6.0 billion Euros

▪ 2020 strategic lines in progress: plan for growth in all businesses.


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