Stadler delivers eight KISS double-deck trains to AB Transitio – expanding its presence in the Nordic markets.(Stadler)

Stadler and AB Transitio have signed a contract for eight KISS double-deck trains for Uppsala Länstrafik. Thanks to a special equipment for cold temperatures, these trains are extremely well suited for the demanding conditions in Scandinavia. In addition to the acquisition of Swedtrac Knorr-Bremse earlier this year, this order represents a further expansion of its presence in the Swedish market.

A SBB KISS Double decker.(Stadler Image)

Stadler has received an order from AB Transitio for eight more KISS trains. thus Transitio triggers an option of the signed in 2016 the Treaty on 33 trains and an option of 110 trains. The trains will be used by the Swedish railway company Uppsala Länstrafik and are ideally suited for commuter and regional traffic around Uppsala.

Stadler vehicles impress with their winter performance. This put them in Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia and Belarus – which in part are extreme winter conditions – to the test. For severe winter hardiness among other machines closed rooms, double car walkways, snow scrapers between bogies and car bodies, a Heat recovery system, underfloor heating and good insulation contribute. Also in the current job Stadler is of course Swedish suppliers like Icomera AB, Kockum Sonics AB, ÅF-Infrastructure AB and Hok Instrument AB consider.

Wider car body

The new generation of double-deck trains has an open and flowing architecture. The passenger flow at the entrance has been optimized – an effect which has a positive effect especially in high-demand urban areas as in the S-Bahn Zurich and the S-Bahn Berlin. In the new KISS there is more legroom, and otherwise the train provides a generous sense of space. Stadler adjusts the car bodies of the double-deck train for Mälab to the Swedish gauge, which is higher and wider than the Swiss norm.

energy savings

Thanks to lightweight aluminum design of the car bodies of the energy consumption and therefore operating costs can be significantly reduced. Another innovative technical solution is the dry transformer in which no oil has to be used as a coolant. This technology has already proven itself at Stadler FLIRT trains that are at SBB in use and on those trains leads to an average saving of about 8% of total energy consumption.

Stadler as a reference in intercity transportation

Stadler can have excellent references in the Interregional and intercity area. West Railway once Stadler KISS trains as intercity trains one on the route between Salzburg and Vienna. SBB operate with Stadler trains on inter-regional routes throughout Switzerland and in December 2018 the transalpine route between Zurich and Milan, also with Stadler SMILE high-speed trains. From 2020 Stadler KISS trains will run through the Silicon Valley and San Francisco connecting to San Jose. Stadler has the reputation to be regarded as a reliable partner of many national railways.
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