The government supported an amendment accelerating transport infrastructure construction: the proposal now before MPs.(

The government supported an amendment accelerating transport infrastructure construction: the proposal now before MPs.

February 7, 2018

The government supported the amendment to Act no. 416/2019 Coll., On accelerating the construction of transport, water and energy infrastructure, initiated by Minister of Transport and Member of Parliament Dan Tok. By adopting the compromise parliamentary proposal, on which a consensus across political parties, will be reduced to thirteen-year cycle, which today require any infrastructural construction.

Act amendment accelerating the slow construction of highways and even other structures could take effect later this year. “In recent years, was stopped preparation and launching of new construction of highways, and therefore we are in the last four years, not many new highways open. We focused mainly on shake preparation and launching of new buildings. Today is unbearable especially length of training structures, which reaches up to an incredible 13 years, after which it is possible to even begin to build, “said Minister Dan Tok.

The present draft amendment includes a new institute designed to enable the quickest possible start preparatory work. The main tool for accelerating the construction of the institute interim tenure.

The Minister of Transport, Dan Tok, explained:

“For selected priority structures that allow you to start building even before the expropriation of land on the route of the future highway or railway. Eliminates the possibility of appeal against expropriation by months to years of construction delays, 

If the deputies approve the amendment, it will be possible to enter the land in preparation for building, simplifying the payment of compensation for easements. In each region is determined by the Authority, which will lead to road projects enumerated territorial control. In most regions it will be the municipal authority with extended powers in the seat of the region, allowing for greater professional specialization competent officials.

If approved, the state will also be able to buy the owner of the land needed and economically unusable remaining part of the land that would otherwise have become accessible as well. Dirt road. Annex amendment is also a list of buildings that includes the core highway network, the main rail corridors and high-speed lines.

Currently being built more than 145 kilometers of new motorways and main roads, and is ready to launch over 200 km of other projects. Between 2010 and 2013 there was a major decline in construction, the annual average newly started construction fell to a mere four kilometers from the original 30 kilometers. The total numbers are opened for these “lean” four years only 16.4 km of new motorways and 34.4 km on the modernized highway D1. In contrast, between the years 2014-2017 was initiated 60 percent more buildings, namely 75.1 km of new motorways and 54.3 km upgraded D1, which is an average of nearly 19 kilometers of new highway construction and 14 km upgraded D1.

Notes to the amendment of the Act no. 416/2009 Coll.
The first Motorways and main roads 
1.1 Highway

D0 (Prague circuit) D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D11, D35, D48, D49, D52, D55
1.2 Main road directly adjacent to highways
I / 35 Turnov – Hradek nad Nisou, state border, I / 49 Vizovice – state border

2. The paths 
2.1 conventional railroad

railway Prague – Czech Budejovice – Horni Dvoriste – state border
railway line Praha – Plzeň – Domažlice – State Border
railway Prague – Czech Trebova – Brno
railway Cheb – Karlovy Vary – Teplice – Usti nad Labem
The central railway Žleb – Decin – Melnik – Cologne – Brod – Brno
railway track Hranice – Upper Lideč
Structures within the railway junction Prague (delimited railway stations Prague International Prague-Zličín, Praha Řeporyje, Prague-Radotín Praha-Zbraslav, Praha-Uhříněves, Praha Běchovice, Praha Horni Pocernice, Prague-Cakovice Roztoky )
structures within the railway node Brno (flanked railway stations Maloměřice Brno, Old Liskovec, Modřice, spouts, Ponětovice)
structures within the railway junction Ostrava (flanked railway stations nad Odrou, Vratimov Czech Teschen Petrovice u Karviné border crossing Bohumín / Chalupki Ostrava-Třebovice)
railway connection Prague – Kladno incl. connecting Prague airport Vaclav Havel
railway Plzen – Czech Budejovice
Big railway Osek – Hradec Kralove – Choceň
Vysočany railway Prague – Lysa nad Labem
railway Otrokovice – Vizovice
railway Olomouc – Šumperk
railway Týniště nad Orlicí – Častolovice – Solnice
railway Hradec Králové – Pardubice – Chrudim
railway line Brno – stop u Brna – Okříšky

Lanes speed 2.2
RS 1 Praha – Brno – Prerov – Ostrava – border PL
RS 2 Brno – Břeclav – state border SK / AT
RS 3 Praha – Beroun / Hořovice
RS 4 Dresden – Usti nad Labem – Prague including turning Kralupy (Nová Ves) – Louny – Most.