Getlink & You (letter to shareholders of Groupe Eurotunnel SE)(Getlink)

Dear Shareholder,

Eurotunnel has not waited for a version 2.0 to keep itself at the forefront of technology: automatic number plate recognition for faster check-in was first installed over 10 years ago,4G mobile services 100m below sea level has been in place since 2014, a real technological feat; we are already testing iris recognition for the truck drivers who make so many thousands of crossings each year and our staff use tablets and smartphones to deliver reactive and high-performance services.

Europorte has been monitoring its trains in real time from the control centre in Lille using GPS since it started services, at a time when a major competitor thinks that it might revolutionise rail freight by adding barcodes to its wagons.

Getlink prefers to deliver rather than just to promise.This is why we have announced a major digitalisation programme which we are presenting to you in broad terms in this newsletter (see overleaf). We simply want to develop quicker and move faster, going the extra mile to satisfy ever increasing numbers of customers.

We have identified more than 60 projects grouped into five themes so that we can deliver on all the opportunities for improvement we can. We have then prioritised them so as to deliver a first wave of  27 initiatives before the peak summer period to ensure a rapid return on investment.

We expect that, beyond the cross discipline working this will generate, we will also see an acceleration in the modernisation of our processes that will strengthen our commercial advantage, the quality of our service and the monitoring of passenger vehicles and trucks, all of which will lead to permanent improvements in traffic speed and fluidity.

The new Eurotunnel Director of Operations, Laurent Fourtune (see his professional background below) will immediately take responsibility for this “Vision 5.0” project within the Concession.

Michel Boudoussier joins the Corporate team to work on the long-term challenges the company faces, following 8 years at the head of the Fixed Link – during which time we saw truck traffic increase by 50%, passenger vehicles by 20% and revenues by more than 40%, whilst always respecting safety as the priority.

So it is with this strengthened team and solid ambitions that we look forward to the coming years.

Yours faithfully,

Jacques Gounon
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

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