S-Bahn Berlin expands WhatsApp cleaning on the whole network.(Deutsche Bahn)

Digital ordered – analog cleaned • WhatsApp contact storing once and always have: 0157 923 628 36

Clean S-Bahn trains and a pleasant stay quality at stations – since last summer passengers have contributed to the Circle Line via WhatsApp message more than 1,000 times to the fact that waste, dirt and other unpleasant adverse effects were eliminated immediately. The successful pilot project goes into the permanent continuation and will be extended to the entire S-Bahn network: while all 166 stations and 3,000 trains every day. The regional and mainline railway stations included.

Seven days a week – each 6 to 22 am – the service center via WhatsApp under the number 0157 923 628 36 is achievable. Easy and convenient to send passengers a message with details of the exact location and nature of the contamination. The corresponding cleaning teams will be informed immediately. After completion of the order, the customer can request feedback and evaluate the cleanliness of trains and stations.
Nationwide, the German railway takes the new WhatsApp service until the end of March to 240 other stations. Posters and stickers information on the valid in each State WhatsApp number.

Every year, the S-Bahn Berlin spends nine million euros for the cleanliness in the 1300 S-Bahn cars. In addition, the company is one million euros from the regular repair of damage in the comfort of train compartments. During operation the coarse cleaning of red-yellow trains at the terminal stations takes place. On selected routes take cleaners, dispose of the broken-down coffee cups, packaging waste and other waste. S-Bahn stations are switched usually once or twice daily cleaned, stations with particularly heavy traffic frequently accordingly.

More information about the new service WhatsApp and how it works: sbahn.berlin/schmutzigeDinge

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