Shuttler Traffic for March 2018.(Getlink)

In March 2018, with 146,292 trucks transported, Le Shuttle Freight traffic decreased by 3%
compared to March 2017, having been penalised by the very difficult weather conditions (snow) at the beginning of the month, especially in the UK. March 2018 was nevertheless the second best month ever since opening, after March 2017. Since 1 January, traffic has increased by 3%, with more than 423,000 trucks transported.

Despite the very difficult weather conditions at the beginning of the month, Passenger Shuttle
traffic increased by 14% compared to the month of March 2017, with 181,651 vehicles carried,
boosted by a favourable calendar effect with the Easter weekend departures in the month of
March in 2018 (April in 2017). Since 1 January, almost 500,000 passenger vehicles have
travelled with Le Shuttle.

The Group’s first-quarter revenues will be published on Wednesday 18 April 2018 prior to
opening of trading.
The traffic figures for the month of April will be published on Monday 14 May 2018 prior to the
opening of trading.

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