The Ministry of Transport now no transactions around ČD Telematics not going.(Czech Transport Ministry)

Transport Ministry rejects media speculation about the alleged purchase or sale of shares in the company ČD Telematics. None of these transactions are currently planned.

Expressing Czech Railways dispatched below.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, 

respond to the article “billionaire near Olomouc Jaroslav Faltýnkovi can earn on the sale of the company ČD – Telematika hundreds of millions of crowns. Thanks Faltýnkovým people “who on Wednesday 18. 4. 2018 published server.

Czech Railways has undertaken due buys minority shares currently owns a controlling stake in the company ČD – Telematika to control it. Therefore, should the future sale of the controlling interest of the state, will stand in ČD – Telematika majority. Purchase of minority interest last from UNI Telematics is not necessary because the state railway -Telematiku dominated and directed its activities from a position of majority shareholder. Speculation about the share purchase UNI Telematics for unreasonably high price and are completely unfounded and unjust.

As we have previously stated, ČD has long been interested in the consolidation of shares in ČD – telematics, but always under conditions which are customary in the market and at a price which we have supported professional opinions. The company and its authorities are obliged to act and act with due diligence.

Equally misleading speculation about the unsuccessful attempts by the present railway buy a minority stake in the past. They deplete the Czech Railways and their governing bodies. This thing has been sparing and criminal justice, and as mentioned in the article, found no conduct that would justify prosecutions. It is therefore surprising that despite this fact the author of the article fabulates factors which induce the opposite idea.