Construction professionals train optimistic: From July 1 return trains between Schwerin and Bad Kleinen

Working in the construction phase on schedule • Travelers must change to buses only until June 30,
Contrary to some information traveling between Schwerin and Bad kids can re-use the train from July 1. Work on the railway construction site on schedule.

The Company and commissioned all parties are now in the process to complete the work required for commissioning of the first track. This is based on a cross-ordinated schedule for all construction, tests and inspections. Emphasis was most recently the concreting of the reinforced concrete slab on the Moor place Kronshof. The “bog bridge” must now be built with a protective layer, ballast, sleepers and rails. Catenary, signal and telecommunication technology complete the expansion. The schedule for commissioning on July 1, remains challenging.

The second track goes as planned, on 1 December this year again. Rail passengers are not affected.

The section Schwerin Lübstorf Carlshöhe-bath little ones will be modernized from the ground up, giving in Lübstorf of an electronic interlocking. Among other things, the track bed, the tracks and switches and the overhead line to be replaced. Thus, the section will meet future requirements technically and operationally. By up to 160 km / h trains shorter journey times are possible. The work began with the official groundbreaking ceremony on July 3, 2017 and expected to last until December 2018 around 62 million euros will be invested in the entire project.

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