German Railways informed immediately to the railway project “Construction and electrification of Ostkorridors” on the website

(Leipzig / Hamburg / Munich, May 24 2018) has a new website of Deutsche Bahn from comprehensive information currently available to railway expansion along the so-called Ostkorridors, the rail link from Lower Saxony Uelzen via Halle / Leipzig to Hof and Regensburg in Bavaria. The side provides for the three sections “east corridor Nord” (Uelzen-Stendal-Magdeburg-Halle), “east corridor Middle” (Halle-Leipzig-Werdau-Hof) and “east corridor south” (Hof-Regensburg) detailed Information.

The website provides information among other important aspects for zoning, environmental and nature protection and contact addresses for individual requests.

Interested found on the website answers to many questions about the project: What is planned? As the planning process take place? When and where will be built? In addition, there are newer photos, maps, information materials, residents information and the latest news from the project.

It is comfortable available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Background east corridor: 

The east corridor is part of the Trans-European Transport Network. In the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan the routes of Ostkorridors of Uelzen in Lower Saxony via Halle / Leipzig is intended to extend to Hof and on to Regensburg for freight traffic between the North German ports and Bavaria and South Eastern Europe. It’s all about the electrification not yet electrified routes, as well as the continuous double-track extension between Uelzen and Stendal.

As far freight trains can not electrically traveled throughout the east corridor, freight traffic between North Germany and Bavaria uses usually the way over Hannover, Fulda, Würzburg and Nuremberg, although the east corridor for many compounds would provide a shorter route. The classic route for freight transport is heavily loaded, already overloaded in some sections. The expansion of Ostkorridors creates an eastern alternative route for freight traffic and thus more capacity.


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