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Cold night at Bewdley, March 2018.(C) Robin Coombes.

Welcome…and news
Editor’s Selections 1.Leadhills and Wanlockhead Railway.(Paul Salveson)                          Editor’s Selection. 2: Storr Lochs Electric Railway

100 Trains….the journey so far….
Steam Tube Photographic File
Steam Tube Video Vault
Steam Tube Blogs. Telford Steam Railway Rolling Stock (railwayblogger).
Tornado…The Story so far…
New & ReBuild News.
B & O Railroad Museum TV
Mainline Steam Schedule
On This Day in History.
Radstock to Frome Railway Project
Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.
Around the UK’s Heritage Railways A – Z “K”
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Welcome…and news

A warm welcome to this may (springtime!!) edition of “On Shed”.

The usual features are her. and clicking on images should send you to the right place for further updates and information.

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Enjoy this latest collection!!

Editor’s Selections:1.Leadhills and Wanlockhead Railway.(Paul Salveson)

We stopped off at Leadhills and Wanlockhead both on the way up and coming back. This is a very remote – and elevated – part of southern Scotland, once notable for its lead mining. The Museum of Lead Mining at Wanlockhead is fascinating – and the cafe is highly recommended.

Glengonnar Halt, current terminus of the line, 1498″ up

The Caledonian Railway ran a branch from the main line at Elvanfoot, which climbed to 1498’ above sea level – making it the highest adhesion railway in Britain. The line was standard gauge and survived until 1938, when the mines closed. For some years, there was a passenger service connecting these two isolated communities with the outside world. Today, the Leadhills and Wanlockhead Railway is a volunteer-run heritage railway, 2’ gauge. It is a lovely run from Leadhills (where the society is based) up to Glengonnar Halt. It operates at weekends and we were able to catch an afternoon working, powered by a Hunslet diesel. There are many remains of the mining industry along the route, and the society hopes to extend its operations beyond Glengonnar, towards Wanlockhead, in the near future. It’s a fascinating, and friendly, operation. Another place worth seeing is the Miners’ Library in Leadhills, the oldest subscription library in the UK, which opened its doors, and books, in 1741. If you are heading north – or south – on the M74, it’s well worth breaking your journey to visit this fascinating area.

Editor’s Selection. 2: Storr Lochs Electric Railway

We stayed in a wonderful eco-house near Broadford (google ‘Fearna’ or check it on Air BnB) and spent a week with the kids and touring round. It might surprise some readers to know that Skye (and neighbouring Raasay) is full of railway interest.

Salvo does a bit of Skye shed-bashing…railway, loco and its shed in background. Very pleased with this discovery.

There are some long-deceased lines but I was amazed to find, completely by accident, a working railway on the island. Its weird how I am often drawn to places like this, some sort of extra-sensory perception. I refer to The Storr Lochs Electric Railway which operates a short distance from the top of a cliff down to the hydro-electric power station on the beach below. I am informed that it uses three Pelton turbine generators and is employed very occasionally to move equipment down to the power station (there is no road access). It would be amazing to see it working, even better to ride on it.

The SSE website tells us more about this highly sustainable form of power and the role of Tom Johnston in turning vision into reality: “Hydro electricity is produced using the power of running water to turn the turbines of generating sets in power stations. The technology dates back to the late 19th Century when the first privately owned hydro electric power stations were built to power the aluminium smelting industry and to provide local electricity supplies. But it took the vision of one man, Tom Johnston, the Secretary of State for Scotland in Churchill’s wartime coalition government, to bring power from the glens for the benefit of all. At the time, it was estimated that just one farm in six, and one croft in a hundred, had electricity. Today, virtually every home in Scotland has mains electricity”.

Nearby is a long-disused railway (closed c. 1920) that brought diatomite, used to make dynamite, down from the mountains – the trackbed is clearly visible near Lealt. The Railscot website has this to say:  “The line was a 2 foot gauge tramway. In a description from 1905 the line was worked by manpower and gravity, later it appears to have had a locomotive.

Industrial remains on the shore – drying and grinding used to go on here

It ran from Loch Cuithir (where the diatomite was extracted from the lochbed and initially dried on wire nets) to the clifftop at Invertote where there were storehouses. At the foot of the cliff was a drying and grinding factory where the diatomite was kiln dried, ground and calcined (roasted). An extension of the line ran from the factories to the pier. A second facility carried diatomite from Loch Valerain by aerial ropeway to Staffin Bay. Between these the Skye Diatomite company extracted 2000 tons. Today the line and works are closed and ruined and Loch Valerain is worked out.” So now you know. It adds “The Diatomite was converted into kieselguhr which was used by Nobel Explosives at Ardeer to mix with nitroglycerine to make Dynamite. Diatomite has many uses and is still prepared in many parts of the world.” There are remains of the drying and grinding factory on the beach (pic).

100 Trains….the journey so far….

One epic, and collaborative, voyage. 40 individual train trips.

(Iain McGeachin  ..https://kiltedwalker.com/rtwbytrain/)

Steam Tube Photographic File

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Winter Climb & Passing the Tree. (C) Robin Coombes

Steam Tube Video Vault

Black 5 45212 – Raising The Echoes On Upton Scudamore! The Cathedrals Express – 3rd May 2018(Kristian Gough)

Greetings from Novina viaduct with steam locomotive 477.043(Dominik Schön)

45212 on The Cathedrals Express 3rd May 2018.(Shirley Turner)

Steam Tube Blogs. Telford Steam Railway Rolling Stock (railwayblogger)
he Telford Steam Railway (TSR) in Shropshire is based at Horsehay which was once served by passenger trains operating between Wellington and Craven Arms (part of the Great Western Railway) a distance of around 28 miles.

History of the Telford Steam Railway
The line closed to passengers in July 1962 and to freight a few years afterwards between Ketley Junction and Horsehay. South of Horsehay, the line remained in situ as far as Lightmoor until 1983. Continue reading…

Tornado…The Story so far…

  • Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 13th May – Nene Valley Railway
  • Saturday 19th May – ‘The Canterbury Tale’ – Peterborough, St. Neots, Stevenage, Potters Bar and Finsbury Park to Canterbury and Dover Coast –  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Friday 25th to Tuesday 29th May – Bluebell Railway
  • Saturday 2nd June – ‘The Yorkshire Pullman’ – Belmond British Pullman luxury train from London to York and Scarborough – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 21st July – ‘The Talisman’ – London to Durham (Option: Beamish) and Newcastle. Return journey with Deltic diesel locomotive D9009 Alycidon  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July – 10th Anniversary Party – Darlington
  • Wednesday 1st August – ‘The Mad Hatter’ – 10th anniversary train – Darlington, York and Wakefield to Chester  – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 11th August – ‘The Settle & Carlisle Golden Tour I’ – Bristol to Appleby via Carlisle – Pathfinder Tours
  • Wednesday 15th August – ‘The Settle & Carlisle Golden Tour II’ – Didcot to Appleby, return via Carlisle – Pathfinder Tours
  • Saturday 18th August – ‘The Bard of Avon’ – Manchester Piccadilly to Stratford-upon-Avon – bookings through UK Railtours
  • Saturday 13th October – A1/P2 Convention – Darlington

The Trust respectfully requests that anyone wanting to see Tornado follows the rules of the railway and only goes where permitted.

New & ReBuild News.





Big Boy


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B & O Railroad Museum TV

Each month the B&O TV Network, starring actor Michael Gross, spotlights a moment in B&O Railroad history. Take a journey into the past and view one or all of these episodes posted on YouTube.

Mainline Steam Schedule

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The tour schedule for May 2018…and beyond…can be found  at Railway Herald

5043 at Honeybourne 4th October 2014

On This Day in History.

02/05/1859       The Royal Albert Bridge, two 450 feet arched spans over the River Tamar, linking Devon and Cornwall, is opened

03/05/1903       The Mersey Railway, operating between Birkenhead and Liverpool by tunnel beneath the River Mersey, England, converts from steam to electric traction

03/05/1926        U.K. General Strike commences, continuing to affect railways until May 12

06/05/1994       The Queen and France’s President Francois Mitterrand have formally opened the Channel Tunnel during two elaborate ceremonies in France and Britain.

After travelling through the tunnel, which took eight years and billions of pounds to build, the Queen said it was one of the world’s great technological achievements.

The tunnel is the first land link between Britain and Europe since the last Ice Age about 8,000 years ago.

The first leg of the Queen’s journey took her from London’s Waterloo station through the tunnel by high-speed Eurostar passenger train.

She arrived at Calais at the same time as the President Mitterrand’s train which had travelled from Paris’ Gard du Nord via Lille.

London St Pancras…….. Eurostar e320 No 4009… Paris Gard du Nord.

Nose to nose encounter

The two locomotives met nose to nose – a computer that prevents two trains travelling on the same track was switched off for the occasion.

09/05/1904       City Of Truro heads the Ocean Mail special down Wellington bank at a reputed 102.3mph

12/05/1911       Electric trains begin work between London Victoria station and Crystal Palace

15/05/1929       Golden Arrow 1st class Pullman service introduced  Victoria-Dover and Calais-Paris

17/05/1906        The Simplon Tunnel between Italy and Switzerland, the world’s longest tunnel until 1979, opens to rail traffic

19/05/1907       Benjamin Baker, British civil engineer, designer of the Forth Railway Bridge (b. 1840).

20/05/1892       Last Broad Gauge train runs from Paddington to the West of England.

22/05/1915       In the Quintinshill rail crash, four trains including a troop train collide, the accident and ensuing fire causing 227 fatalities and injuring 246 people at Quintinshill, Gretna Green, Scotland; the accident is blamed on negligence by the signalmen during a shift change at a busy junction

24/05/1900        Nottingham Victoria railway station opens in Nottingham, England

31/05/1879       The first electric railway opens at the Berlin Trades Exposition

Radstock to Frome Railway Project

Christian Wolmar… Railway Historian.

Christian Wolmar is a regular speaker at conferences, meetings and seminars both in the UK and abroad on transport and, specifically, rail matters. He often speaks at conferences on the latest development in the rail and transport industries and gives lectures on all his rail history books

Christian gives around 30 talks per year and has spoken all around the country, as well as in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, the United States and Australia where he has twice been invited to provide his expertise. He has given two lectures at the Royal Geographic Society.

New event: British Library: Jaipur Literature Festival. Saturday 9th June 2018 at noon.

Railways and the Raj:Christian Wolmar, Monisha Rajesh and Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Pragya Tiwari

Around the UK’s Heritage Railways A – Z “L”…. HERE


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Deep snow.(C) Robin Coombes.