The Sprat and Winkle Line (Kimbridge Junction to Andover)..Dumpman Films

Dumpman Films has been marauding through Hampshire in recent times and is proud to present yet another disused railway journey, explored in forensic detail and captured in typically chaotic fashion:

  • The Sprat and Winkle Line (Kimbridge Junction to Andover)

This trip heralded the hotly anticipated return to service of the Raleigh Chopper (having been allowed a sabbatical after a particularly punishing trip to Devon in 2016) and it was used to full effect here, as much of this line is delightfully cyclable. Other sections of the track bed were covered on foot while a couple of short sections that have had roads built over them required the roof mounted car camera (Polocam).

Exclusive access to the Kimbridge estate was generously provided, to see some superb remaining relics not shifted by memorabilia bounty hunters and warm welcomes extended from station owners at Mottisfont and Horsebridge made the experience even more enjoyable. Station sites on more publicly accessible land at Fullerton Junction, Clatford, Andover Town and Andover Junction were also explored en route, while taking in views of the wonderful countryside surrounding the River Test and River Anton. Remaining evidence of the line in the form of bridges, marker signs, track side huts, telegraph poles, level crossing gates, pedestrian kissing gates and overgrown platforms greatly exceeded what had been expected.

The usual intoxicating cocktail of referring to vintage maps and a slide show of stills taken along the way, which has become a staple of latter day Dumpman Films, finishes off the journey after the video section.

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Further collaborations with The Bald Explorer are in the pipeline for those of you that enjoyed those outings. Visit You tube and enter a search “Dumpman Bald Explorer” to see all the entertainment so far.

Thank you for your continued support, especially those who have been there since the beginning.


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