Faster to Prague: With the Euro City in about four hours from Berlin to the Czech capital.(Deutsche Bahn)

DB148222 Berlin - Munich under four hours.
VDE 8 – Berlin – Munich under four hours. ICE 3 class 403 at the exit from the tunnel Eierberge during a test drive.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Claus Weber 
Comfortable: full air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi • Inexpensive: Europe bargain price starting from EUR 19.90
The Euro City connection between Berlin and Prague is even faster. With the use of new multi-system locomotives, the journey time is shortened to future around four hours. The time-consuming change of locomotive in Dresden eliminated. The new offer came into force with the small timetable change on 10 June. 

From Prague to Berlin, the journey time reduced to twelve minutes to just under 4 hours 10 minutes – in addition to the already completed end of 2017 accelerating to 13 minutes. From Berlin to Prague the travel time is reduced by ten minutes usually around 4 hours 5 minutes.
German Rail, in cooperation with the Czech Railways (CD) on a two-hour intervals between the cities on the Spree and Moldova. For use updated passenger cars come with full air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour. 

Euro-city trains to Prague start 7:16 to 17:16 every two hours from Berlin Central Station. Cheap Europe-price tickets are available starting at 19.90 euros (1st class from 29.90 €).
New IC Bus from Berlin to Warsaw
With a new remote bus connection, the German railway will in future also at night comfortable to travel between Berlin and the Polish capital Warsaw. The IC buses start from 22 June daily at 22.45 from Berlin main station via Poznan and Lodz to Warsaw (arrival 7:40). Tickets are available at an introductory price from 14,90 euros. Tickets for the journey between Berlin and Poznan are available starting at 9.90 euros. From Warsaw the IC buses depart daily at 22.10 am and reach Berlin Central Station at 7.05 PM. During the day, continue to operate four euros trains per day in each direction between the cities.
The IC buses are fully air conditioned train, have an on-board toilet, electrical outlets at each double seat and offer free Wi-Fi at home and abroad. The seat reservation is included. 
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