Stadler wins the first contract in France for the innovative generation of locomotives.(Stadler)

Prototype EURO DUAL.(Stadler Image)

The rail vehicle manufacturer Stadler, the French rail freight companies VFLI and leasing companies Alpha Trains have signed the purchase contracts for the first twelve diesel-electric locomotives EURO4001 and the prototype of the dual-mode locomotive EURO DUAL. Both models are the new generation six-axle locomotives that Stadler has developed in Valencia for the European market. VFLI will use the 13 new locomotives for rail freight transport in France and Belgium.

The French rail freight companies VFLI, a subsidiary of SNCF, uses the locomotives of Stadler since 2013 for its freight transport services. The company’s fleet currently consists of 19 EURO4000 locomotives, the last of which were delivered end of 2017. With these new contracts VFLI is the first French customer of the new generation of Co’Co’ locomotives that Stadler has designed its plant in Albuixech and made to renew the rail freight transport in Europe.

The leasing companies Alpha Trains has a fleet of 30 EURO4000 locomotives operated by various rail freight company in Spain and Portugal. Currently Alpha Trains is expanding its business by leasing additional Stadler locomotives in France further out ..

The EURO DUAL is the technological response from Stadler to the challenges that have arisen through cross-border corridors such as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic rail freight corridor.

Iñigo Parra, CEO of Stadler Valencia, emphasizes the importance of the project and the benefits of the new platform:

“The EURO DUAL is the result of many years of work and resources we have invested in research, development and innovation. With its avant-garde technology, the locomotive covers all needs from efficient and reliable. Rail operators numerous economic and environmental advantages are offered by it. “

One of the contracts includes the purchase of the prototype of the EURO DUAL by VFLI that uses Stadler for the homologation of the new platform in France and Belgium. The versatile locomotive offers two solutions in one by combining two driving modes: electric and diesel. She goes on electrified lines with 25 kV AC and 1.5 kV DC with an output of 7000 kW, but is driven for non-electrified lines by a IIIB diesel engine with 2,800 kW. Thanks to their high performance and pulling force as well as the ultra-modern Adhäsionskontrollsystem they can carry longer and heavier trains. Then there is the operational flexibility that is offered by the high-performance diesel traction and the environmental benefits of electric traction.

The contracts also include the supply of twelve diesel-electric locomotives of the type EURO4001. VFLI takes three pieces of it and the remaining nine use via Alpha Trains. The EURO4001 is the successor to the highly successful EURO4000. This locomotive has inherited the incredible performance and reliability of its predecessor. She is a six-axle diesel-electric locomotive with AC / AC transmission and an engine with 2,800 kW. This corresponds to according to EC 26/2004 in Europe required for tractors emission limits of stage IIIB and V. The powerful engine provides high flexibility, traction, low energy consumption and reduced operating costs.

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