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People are Waking Up to New Options for America...
Americans across the country are waking up to the idea that we can have a far better future with fast, efficient transportation, especially after seeing how most other advanced nations are enjoying the mobility benefits every day, while we sit stuck in highway and airport hell.
It has become clear that the way we’ve been investing in transportation is no longer working in providing even basic mobility for the masses. The American people are ready for a big change!
 We now have a choice to move past our transport mess…
Why are we in this mess year after year?

Congress and each state leadership body decides each year how our national tax dollars are going to be spent for transportation. Right now, they are still spending $200 Billion each year of our public tax dollars on more roads, while spending ZERO on new high speed rail projects! So their decisions made today (supposedly representing the American people) are dictating that we will continue to be stuck in traffic year after year.
This outdated, wrong-direction transportation investment needs to be flipped to where federal and state transportation budgets invest $200 Billion each year in rail projects of all types, while ending funding for roads we don’t need. Road projects dig us deeper into our car/oil/national security/climate problems. Rail projects reverse and unwind this entire problematic situation, solving layers of problems.  More on this
 78% of Americans are saying YES to rail!  
Americans are saying YES to rail in city after city because rail delivers REAL mobility, and gets people to their destinations the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable way. Rail offers a new alternative for America!
It’s time to get serious about America’s future in how we invest our public dollars. 78% of America knows what’s right and what makes great transportation. It’s time to get past the myths and lies, and focus on building a 21st century transportation system for the nation.
 We need clear thinking – past the transportation myths…   
Every car commercial shows empty streets and the car zooming along, totally free, everyone smiling… life is good! This is a complete lie, as everyone knows, and is told to us millions of times, year after year.
The reality is cars can’t move large numbers of people, no matter how they are powered, or even if a human is driving. Its basic physics of space and motion, and how many objects can fit in a space and move independently and efficiently. There are limitations in the amount of mobility cars can provide, and we have far exceeded that limit, which results in massive congestion and back ups all the time.
Flying maintains the myth of fast, efficient travel, and endless adventure. While flying used to be enjoyable years ago, it has deteriorated over the years.
The reality is flying in America has become an unreliable nightmare! Airlines continue to cut corners (including staff and maintenance) and legroom, while security hassles, delays and lines keep getting worse. Flights are constantly canceled or delayed for no good reason, while the traveling public is regularly mistreated and abused by the airlines – making the entire experience miserable and unreliable.

Driverless cars, suddenly out of nowhere, are going to solve all our transportation problems! With promises to completely change our lives, our cities, and transform the very way we live, driverless cars have been held up as the greatest invention in history!
The reality is driverless cars could turn out to be the greatest boondoggle in history! They have numerous problems yet to be figured out, tested, or solved. There have been numerous crashes and complications, system failures, hacking, injuries and deaths. Car companies now admit level 5 full autonomy is impossible. This means the entire premise this is being sold on (full autonomy – ‘driverless’) is impossible. All evidence so far points to a dangerous, expensive, complicated system that no one wants!

High speed rail’s myth IS REALITY! The images of speeding trains showcase fast trains operating daily in more than 20 nations. The ‘myth’ of no congestion is real with a very high capacity system that delivers passengers on time, every time, like clockwork.

High speed rail delivers on the promises, with 50 years of proof, and many billions of people safely transported quickly and efficiently without delays or hassles.

“It’s time for us all to either get on board or get out of the way!”   
 Join the rail discussion in September…
Join business and political leaders bringing high speed rail to America at the National High Speed Rail Leadership Summit!

California leads the nation in building state-of-the-art, 21st century transportation. Come celebrate the great leadership and vision moving America forward! California is at the forefront of sustainable transportation, showcasing how a state can invest in green energy and transport systems while stimulating economic development. Its a win-win for the people and the planet.

Construction is underway on the first phase of the state-wide, 800-mile super advanced transportation system set to revolutionize mobility in America. Don’t miss this exciting event!
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 In case you missed it…
Just when you thought Amtrak was turning a corner with federal support, high ridership, new investment and equipment, and a growing interest in trains as important forms of transportation in America, we hear shocking news of plans to quietly and slowly break up the national network!
Amtrak’s new CEO (former airline executive) aims to run Amtrak like an airline! Given that the airline industry has the absolute worst customer service possible and treatment of its passengers, this is extremely problematic. Cutting corners at every turn, without regard for inconveniences dumped upon passengers is how the airlines operate daily. The last thing Amtrak needs is to be made more like the airlines!
Trains run completely different than airplanes. Airplanes are always point-to-point trips, from one city to another, and the airlines are always consolidating routes to cut corners and save money. The result is always greater inconvenience for the traveling public.
Trains operate completely different, while also running point to point, trains act as a major collector and distributor system with stops all along the way. This offers incredible convenience and access to numerous cities and towns on routes that are heading to major cities. This alone makes trains far more efficient and functional than airplanes. To try to run trains like airplanes destroys this entire convenience and access side of rail that planes can’t possibly offer.
The goal of train travel is always a ONE SEAT RIDE. Breaking up
long distance routes destroys one seat rides. 
USHSR in no way supports the breaking up of Amtrak’s long distance lines, because that is the first step of wrecking and dismantling the entire national rail network. We need to be investing in the national network, and making it better, adding more trains, faster trains, more services, etc., not chopping it apart, especially right when America is at the start of a new rail renaissance!
Shocking News From the Railway Age article:
-“efforts are under way by Amtrak’s current leadership to dismantle our interconnected, intercity rail passenger network”
-“It’s now no secret that the administration of newly minted Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson (former Executive Chairman of Delta Airlines) has a pretty dismal future in mind for nationwide passenger rail connectivity, described by venerable rail journalist Don Phillips (in his own May 15 commentary) as “Anderson’s apparent plan to start killing Amtrak’s long-distance trains.””
-“Amtrak’s new administration seems intent on pursuing its funereal goal of dismembering the National Network, with a strategy apparently relying upon a process of systematic service downgrades. Likely aimed in part to reduce ridership and increase unit costs, these cutbacks (starting with seemingly small measures such as eliminating amenities for extra-fare passengers) reportedly are precursors to wholesale National Network train service abandonments.”
-“One of my own sources elaborates that a working group within the agency is mulling the possibility of converting long-distance train routes into fragments of “stand-alone” segments, not more than 400 miles in length-effectively rendering long-distance travel by rail between many cities and among smaller communities intolerably arduous to impossible. Disparaging longer routes, Amtrak CEO Anderson often cites the relatively low proportion (under 10%) of end-to-end long-distance travelers to disparage National Network trains. But this ignores the cumulative percentages of passengers that traverse overlapping segments among the hundreds of intermediate cities and towns.”

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As you sit stuck in traffic, or in an airport with flight delays, its the perfect time to call your Congress person, your governor, and your mayor to let them know you are fed up with our 1950s transport system, and its time to invest in proven transportation systems that deliver high mobility.
-Fund high speed rail in multiple states with $50 Billion per year of federal dollars
-Fund the improvement of the entire Amtrak system, increasing trains service to all cities
-Stop Amtrak from breaking up long distance lines into shorter segments
-Set up a permanent Rail Trust Fund for rail projects across America, with dedicated annual funding
-Get oil money out of politics and transportation planning
“It’s time for us all to either get on board or get out of the way!”   
Rod Diridon makes the case!

“Last week, the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Board met in San Jose and adopted its long-anticipated, comprehensive 2018 Business Plan. That culminating action is the result of an extended, transparent, and comprehensive evaluation of challenges the Authority faces in building the nation’s first high-speed rail system. The plan addresses and remediates each of those challenges creating a program worthy of public trust as construction progresses from the Central Valley toward Silicon Valley.

The Authority is determined to construct a high-speed rail system that will reconnect the state, link economies and fundamentally modernize and improve travel in California. Like many transformative projects, this epic effort has faced cost, scheduling, and scoping challenges. The new Business Plan maps a viable path to deliver the initial segment, operable without government subsidy, between Silicon Valley and the Central Valley in the coming decade.

As the Authority lays the foundation for high-speed rail service, it continues to fulfill its commitment to support the following rail modernization, bookend projects in the south and north state. Earlier this month, the Authority and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority entered into an agreement that allocates $76.1 million in Proposition 1A bonds to fund a vital grade separation project in the city of Santa Fe Springs. Other upgrades of the Burbank to Anaheim Metro Link system are in planning preparing for joint high-speed rail usage. Similarly, the Authority has allocated $713 million from Prop 1A to support the Caltrain Electrification Project now in process.

The 2018 Business Plan, approved unanimously by the Authority’s board last week,  is straight talk. This mega-project has challenges that the Authority has realistic plans to overcome. Our state is now the world’s fifth largest economy. We can afford, indeed, can’t survive without this world-class high-speed rail system so badly needed by Silicon Valley. The project is under construction.  So, to avoid more delays and added costs, it’s time for us all to either get on board or get out of the way.”

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