California Governor Jerry Brown speaks about High Speed Rail in this excerpt from his State of the State speech made earlier this year to the state legislature.
California leads the nation in bringing world-class high speed rail to America! A special thanks to the great leadership of Governor Jerry Brown for seeing the incredible importance of this revolutionary project, and having the perseverance and influence to get it under construction.
California high-speed rail will connect the mega-regions of the state, contribute to economic development and a cleaner environment, create jobs and preserve agricultural and protected lands.
In addition, the Authority is working with regional partners to implement a state-wide rail modernization plan that will invest billions of dollars in local and regional rail lines to meet the state’s 21st century transportation needs.
Authority and local governments alike see high-speed rail as an integrated strategy to help cities throughout the state revitalize their downtown cores, and will eventually create over a million direct and in-direct jobs throughout the state.

California is not just building a world-class high speed rail system, but also upgrading rail systems throughout the entire state. This will greatly improve the passenger experience – creating a viable third option of rail to Californians moving around the state, and living the 21st century American dream.

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California leads the nation in building state-of-the-art, 21st century transportation. Come celebrate the great leadership and vision moving America forward! California is at the forefront of sustainable transportation, showcasing how a state can invest in green energy and transport systems while stimulating economic development. Its a win-win for the people and the planet.
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High speed rail utilizes the latest in technology in many ways. From the latest in clean, efficient electric motors, to light weight composite materials, to special traction and communication technologies, to the latest in capturing braking and waste heat for reuse, high speed rail is at the cutting edge of technology development, innovation, and system implementation.
High tech train control systems, automated train control, advanced traffic management
High speed rail systems utilize the most advanced signaling systems in the world creating the ability to safely operate 200+mph trains only minutes apart, on a national scale! National HSR Control Centers monitor and control every train in the national network utilizing the most advanced computers and monitoring systems.
State-of-the-art modern stations with convenient connections, lounges, cafes, shops
High speed rail stations are the gateway to the city, and are some of the most exciting places to experience.  Monumental structures, grand spaces, and the constant movement of people and trains makes for an exhilarating experience.  Modern or historic, great train stations add another level of excitement and comfort to traveling. Offering connections to many destinations, shopping and dining, services and more.
Super advanced construction technologies and mega scale prefabrication
High speed rail utilizes some of the world’s largest and most complex construction technologies that allow for rapid construction of new lines at greatly reduced cost and shorter time frames. China has been a leader in developing and expanding this mega-scale construction technology.
Tech jobs of all types – design, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, next-gen…
High tech transportation gets people safely to their destination fast and easy!
High speed rail delivers exactly what America lacks – a fast, easy and green way to get around the country that’s reliable, safe, and comfortable. High speed rail delivers this service every day, every train.
All resulting in many happy people getting to their destinations hassle-free
How would you rather get around?
“It’s time for us all to either get on board or get out of the way!”   
78% of Americans are saying YES to rail!
Americans across the country are waking up to the idea that we can have a far better future with fast, efficient transportation, especially after seeing how most other advanced nations are enjoying the mobility benefits every day, while we sit stuck in highway and airport hell.
It has become clear that the way we’ve been investing in transportation is no longer working in providing even basic mobility for the masses. The American people are ready for a big change!
Americans are saying YES to rail in city after city because rail delivers REAL mobility, and gets people to their destinations the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable way. Rail offers a new alternative for America!
It’s time to get serious about America’s future in how we invest our public dollars. 78% of America knows what’s right and what makes great transportation. It’s time to get past the myths and distractions, and focus on building a 21st century transportation system for the nation.
High speed rail delivers on the promises, with 50 years of proof, and many billions of people safely transported quickly and efficiently without delays or hassles.

As you sit stuck in traffic, or in an airport with flight delays, its the perfect time to call your Congress person, your governor, and your mayor to let them know you are fed up with our 1950s transport system, and its time to invest in proven modern transportation systems that deliver high mobility.
-Fund high speed rail in multiple states with $50 Billion per year of federal dollars
-Fund the improvement of the entire Amtrak system, increasing trains service to all cities
-Stop Amtrak from breaking up long distance lines into shorter segments
-Set up a permanent Rail Trust Fund for rail projects across America, with dedicated annual funding
-Get oil money out of politics and transportation planning
“It’s time for us all to either get on board or get out of the way!”   
Rod Diridon makes the case!

“Last week, the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Board met in San Jose and adopted its long-anticipated, comprehensive 2018 Business Plan. That culminating action is the result of an extended, transparent, and comprehensive evaluation of challenges the Authority faces in building the nation’s first high-speed rail system. The plan addresses and remediates each of those challenges creating a program worthy of public trust as construction progresses from the Central Valley toward Silicon Valley.

The Authority is determined to construct a high-speed rail system that will reconnect the state, link economies and fundamentally modernize and improve travel in California. Like many transformative projects, this epic effort has faced cost, scheduling, and scoping challenges. The new Business Plan maps a viable path to deliver the initial segment, operable without government subsidy, between Silicon Valley and the Central Valley in the coming decade.

As the Authority lays the foundation for high-speed rail service, it continues to fulfill its commitment to support the following rail modernization, bookend projects in the south and north state. Earlier this month, the Authority and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority entered into an agreement that allocates $76.1 million in Proposition 1A bonds to fund a vital grade separation project in the city of Santa Fe Springs. Other upgrades of the Burbank to Anaheim Metro Link system are in planning preparing for joint high-speed rail usage. Similarly, the Authority has allocated $713 million from Prop 1A to support the Caltrain Electrification Project now in process.

The 2018 Business Plan, approved unanimously by the Authority’s board last week,  is straight talk. This mega-project has challenges that the Authority has realistic plans to overcome. Our state is now the world’s fifth largest economy. We can afford, indeed, can’t survive without this world-class high-speed rail system so badly needed by Silicon Valley. The project is under construction.  So, to avoid more delays and added costs, it’s time for us all to either get on board or get out of the way.”

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