2018 periodic review (PR18): ORR consults on its approach for implementing PR18 and changes to Network Rail’s network licence.(ORR)

Further to our draft determination on PR18 that we published last month, we have today published two further related consultations:

Implementing PR18: consultation on changes to access contracts (available here). This sets out proposed changes to track and station access contracts to implement the proposed decisions set out in our draft determination, which we published in June 2018. Responses to the consultation (along with our final determination decisions which we will publish in October 2018) will inform the final drafting that will apply in relevant access contracts from 1 April 2018, provided that Network Rail does not object to our determination. The consultation also seeks views on a proposed contingency arrangement in the event that PR18 implementation is delayed (for example, if Network Rail were to object to our determination). Related to this consultation document, we have also published conclusions from our January 2018 consultation on improvements to the drafting of Schedules 4, 7 and 8 of the passenger and freight model track access contracts.


Network Rail network licence review: consultation on draft network licence  (available here): 

As part of our draft determination, we published a document seeking views on our policy approach to reviewing Network Rail’s network licence. In particular, we set out our proposals to restructure the existing obligations within the network licence and introduce a number of new obligations for the start of control period 6. Our related consultation today sets out proposed revised wording for the network licence, as well as setting out our policy rationale for a small number of specific areas that were not covered in the June 2018 consultation.