Construction work on new S-Bahn go to the next round.(Deutsche Bahn)

(DB Image)
Open pit for the tunnel at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof • Northeast staircase is dismantled • bicycle now on Invalidenstrasse.
(Berlin, July 9, 2018) The German railway building on Wednesday also at the main station. For the new north-south route of the Berlin S-Bahn an open pit created at Europe Square / Friedrich-List shore. For this part of the staircase Aufganges and the bicycle must yield. Bicycles can then be parked near the bus stop on Invalidenstrasse. The “Rolling Horse” remains in place.

Because of new knowledge for building this part of the project had to be rescheduled to the main station nearby. After the introduction of the side walls divers will make the concrete base for the excavation under water. The tunnel construction will be built in the empty pumped watertight excavation.

The new tram route from the train stations Westhafen and Wedding at Nordring Berlin Central Station to go in 2020 with a temporary platform at the main station in operation. For travelers coming from the northern districts of Berlin faster and more convenient to main train station in the capital. The route is extended in a second stage of construction to Potsdamer Platz. 

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