New bridge at the S-Bahnhof Rahnsdorf.(Deutsche Bahn)

Ingeborg Hunzinger-Road closed until September 30 for traffic
(Berlin, July 5, 2018) The German railway currently renewed railway tracks and overhead line between Berlin Hirschgarten and Erkner. The track distance of the parallel train route is increased, and four railway bridges to be rebuilt. From 12 July, the S-Bahn station Rahnsdorf for nearly three months focus of the construction work is:

• Expansion of temporary bridges, installation of new steel superstructures, completion of the new S-Bahn tracks between Rahnsdorf and Erkner 
• sealing of the track base station at the reception building Rahnsdorf 
• cable laying in telecommunications and power grid 
• Preparation of a storm water channel for building, road and bridge drainage 
• Replacement construction of road and sidewalks 
• Renewal of Ingeborg Hunzinger Strait between Prince Damm and S-Bahn station Rahnsdorf by the district office Treptow-Koepenick 

From 12 July to 30 September, the bridge crossing at S-Bahnhof Rahnsdorf (Ingeborg Hunzinger Street) is closed to vehicle traffic and a detour via Schöneiche, S-Bahnhof Friedrichshagen is established. Pedestrians and cyclists can use the construction site happen.

Graphic: The section Berlin-Köpenick - Erkner is part of the extension Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - border (D / PL) The railway overpass (EÜ) "Neuenhagener Mühlenfließ" is being rebuilt (December 2016) The railway overpass (EÜ) "Neuenhagener Mühlenfließ" is being rebuilt and receives a noise barrier
Images courtesy: Deutsche Bahn.

The works between Berlin Hirschgarten and Erkner dozen kilometers are part of the roadway support Berlin-Frankfurt (Oder) -Staatsgrenze (D / PL) for speeds up to 160 km / hr, thereby reducing travel times are possible. Modern electronic interlocking technology (electronic interlocking technology) also increases the capacity of the line, as part of European transport axis Paris – Berlin – Warsaw has a great importance for the international carriage of passengers and goods.
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