RIA examine the technical and economic solutions to shift the railway junction in Brno.(press@mdcr.cz)

Move around the Brno railway hub variant by the river gets to the next stage, the Railway Infrastructure Administration now examine the technical and economic solutions to the total investment, which is planned amounting to 43 billion. Information about the benefits and the transfer to proceed was given by the government.

Minister of Transport Dan Tok said after a Cabinet meeting:

“Fulfill government resolutions of 2002 and 2015, which have already decided to move the Brno railway junction. In addition, the agreement on the city of Brno and the South Moravian region. After about 72 years, there is agreement to continue and need to stop only to discuss, but to really work.”

The Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport has chosen May 30 variant of the Brno railway hub variant the river. And decided on the basis of feasibility studies, expert opinion and rail carriers, to the representatives of the towns and counties, SZDC and taking into account the last meetings of the Steering Committee to the railway junction in Brno.

He added:

“Because it is a large investment project, the government still will submit additional material information exactly where the funds are going to be money used effectively.”

Total investment cost excluding VAT are roughly 43.1 billion crowns, of which 40.8 billion. Rail section and 2.3 billion. Related to municipal infrastructure.

The government also received information that the Railway Infrastructure Administration before entering the next stages of project documentation processes techno-economic clearance adjustments to increase throughput and stability of freight traffic model chosen option.

RIA has in the development of the document to take into account the impact of the merger, for example, passenger and freight rail traffic in one vícekolejného corridor collision passage in the direction of the station Brno-Maloměřice or terminal operator Brno. Technical solutions must also allow for the possible implementation of the North-South Rail Diameter in Brno. Techno-economic clearance will then be approved by the Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport.

Material information about the reconstruction of the railway junction Brno found on our website here .

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