Stadler invested in Switzerland as a workplace and build a new production plant in St. Margrethen

Stadler has celebrated today together with the St. Gallen government council Benedict Würth and Reto Friedauer, Mayor of St. Margrethen, and other guests from politics and business to the ground-breaking ceremony for the new plant in St. Margrethen. The Swiss rail vehicle manufacturer shifts his center of excellence for double-deck trainsets from Altenrhein to St. Margrethen. The aim of the new production site is to optimize the production conditions and the associated increase in competitiveness of Stadler. The planned investment of 86 million Swiss francs is a clear commitment to Switzerland as the location and in the border region. The aluminum box detail production remains in Altenrhein.
After the last appeal could be adjusted, Stadler can start the construction of the new production plant in St. Margrethen. Chairman Peter Spuhler and Markus Sauerbruch, Head of Switzerland division and CEO of Stadler Altenrhein AG, have now St. together with Benedict Würth, Regierungsrat Gallen, Reto Friedauer, Mayor of St. Margrethen, and other guests from politics and industry celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony and defined by joining forces the foundation stone for the new plant. The investment in the new double-decker competence center is about 86 million Swiss francs, the new building is executed by the HRS Real Estate AG as total contractor. Construction work completed in early 2020. The first buildings are already related the end of 2019

Commitment to the border triangle

Stadler is due to the currency situation and the labor cost levels in Switzerland while maintaining a high export share is still under high pressure on margins. The plant in Altenrhein was created almost 100 years ago by Claude Dornier for aircraft. It is therefore not optimally aligned to the requirements of a competence center for double-deck trainsets. In order to hold on location in Switzerland, an increase in efficiency is necessary, which is to be achieved with the construction of the Stadler plant in St. Margrethen. Thanks to the great support from the canton of St. Gallen, the community of St. Margrethen and the land owner HIAG the rail vehicle manufacturer has found in St. Margrethen in some 65,000 square meters Altfeldareal land, which offers optimal conditions also because of the existing siding.

Is a planned production and storage area of ​​35,000 square meters, as well as air conditioning in offices and meeting rooms to 5000 square meters. The new building provides a process optimization and optimal production possibilities to increase efficiency. A modern canteen for the employees as well as the optimal access to public and private transport are further advantages of relocation.

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The investment is a clear commitment to Switzerland as the location and in the border region.

Peter Spuhler said:
“This shows that we believe in the workplace Switzerland and defend it even in difficult times.”
The shift affects only the production site in Altenrhein. the headquarters in Bussnang, the competence center for bogies in Winterthur or Inbetriebsetzungszentrum in Erlen are not affected.

“Economic stimulus for the region”

The St. Gallen Councilor Benedikt Wurth reaffirmed at the groundbreaking ceremony in St. Margrethen that the success story of Stadler in canton St. Gallen reached another milestone:

“The rapid growth of the company who first sparked new life in the industrial area Altenrhein, is now in St . Margrethen written the next chapter. This will lead to another important economic impulses and opportunities for the whole region. but the project also demonstrates once again the importance of a good cooperation between authorities and businesses. ” 

Reto Friedauer, Mayor of St. Margrethen, said:
“Moving from Stadler to St. Margrethen results in a high quality and forward-looking new use of the station near Altfeldareals. We expect this great impetus to the development community.”

Competence Center for Double trainsets

At the site of Stadler Altenrhein today is the competence center for KISS double-deck trainsets. The work was originally founded in 1924 by Claude Dornier as Dornier works Altenrhein AG. In order for the aircraft made there could stand directly from the factory, airfield, which began operations in 1927 originated in Altenrhein. In Altenrhein also the world’s largest ever built seaplane Do X was assembled and tested in Switzerland. From 1949 the flight and Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein AG was made Dornier (FFA) and the company began to build cars. The wagon has become an important pillar of the FFA, the Rhaetian Railway were built in Altenrhein among others all vehicles – even today. In 1987, the FFA was sold to the Schindler Holding. The wagon was kept at the site and Schindler formed a second wagon-subsidiary, Schindler Waggon Altenrhein (SWA). In 1997, Stadler has saved the work before closing and adopted by the SWA – including the workforce of 67 employees. Two years after the launch of the articulated railcar (GTW) which corresponded to a doubling of the number of employees Stadler.

Today, develop manufacture and assemble at the site in Altenrhein around 1,000 people to over 49,000 square meters of production and warehouse space next to KISS trains and trams, meter gauge railway vehicles and passenger cars for the Swiss and international markets. The engineering department with 250 highly qualified staff provides in addition to the development work for the vehicles produced at the site also provides services for the whole Stadler Group, including as a competence center for all calculations and approvals. The box detail production with about 50 to 70 employees will remain in Altenrhein.

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