Stadler wins long-term service and maintenance contract for 69 trains of Arriva Nederland in northern Holland.(Stadler)

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Stadler and Arriva Nederland have today signed a service and maintenance contract for 15 years and 69 trains. These are the 69 trains from the order of November 2017: delivery of 18 bi-modal WINK and upgrade the existing 51 Arriva GTW. Stadler is on this mission primarily on innovative battery technology and making a valuable contribution to environmental protection. The trains will be deployed in the northern Netherlands in Friesland and Groningen.
The new service and maintenance contract starts in 2020 and has been completed for 15 years for the period 2020 to 2035. It adjoins the service contract, which runs for the maintenance of GTW trains since the year of 2006.
Hein van der Schoot, Managing Director of Stadler Service for the Netherlands and the UK, said:
“We are extremely pleased with this commitment. It paves the way for Stadler pioneering environmentally friendly technology and demonstrates our efforts to limit the effects of climate change. In addition, we are proud to continue the long-standing partnership with Arriva Nederland, which has been very successful for many years and has led to an extraordinary passenger satisfaction. “
Anne Hettinga, Chairman of Arriva Nederland, underlines the importance of the new contract:
“The cooperation between Arriva and Stadler is an economic driver for the whole of the north of the Netherlands. The agreement is a further milestone on the way to the new concession. We look forward to another 15 years of good cooperation and go with the same innovative spirit to the maintenance of the trains, as we procure them too. “
WINK biodiesel and batteries
The new WINK trains will run on both renewable hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) and battery power. HVO is a renewable fuel (2nd generation biodiesel) consisting of vegetable oil and grease waste – is produced – such as cooking fat. From 2025 the route Leeuwarden-Groningen will be partly electrified. Then will be driven to the non-electrified track sections only with stored in the batteries current. The use of biodiesel will no longer be necessary.
GTW with a comprehensive modernization program
In 2020 GTW a comprehensive modernization undergo. You get inside and outside an upgrade. Among other things, they are switched to battery operation, bringing the emissions can be reduced and the GTW trains are significantly more environmentally friendly than today.
More jobs in Leeuwarden
So that the additional WINK trains are professionally maintained and high availability can be ensured, the maintenance depot is increased in Leeuwarden and built a third track. It is expected that this additional jobs for mechanics to be created.
The WINK, a two-part regional Stadler. It is ideal for secondary lines with lower traffic volumes. The strength of the WINK lies in the great flexibility of the drive Solution: DMU with diesel, DMU with HVO, BMU as diesel or electric batteries with battery solution can be realized. By WINK Stadler a regional vehicle to rail, which now allows emission-free driving. WINK is convertible, innovative transport-Kurzzug. The GTW trains are articulated railcar that can be operated electrically or diesel power under all common supply voltages.
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