Test on the ring of the Berliner S-Bahn, and a Quality Offensive.(Deutsche Bahn)

DB156417 DB Group Headquarters - BahnTower

DB Group Headquarters – BahnTower at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin / In the foreground S-Bahn Logo.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben 

S-Bahn CEO Buchner: “customer acceptance decides on permanent introduction”

Next week, the S-Bahn Berlin will present a comprehensive quality program to the public. This should be significantly improved punctuality, reliability, operational quality and customer information.

As one of 180 blocks will test the Berlin S-Bahn, whether in case of delay of individual trains punctuality on the ring can be improved by omitting two stations without need to turn out for the passengers as it is today in the event of delays trains.

Only with pent-up delays, a single train will leave two break points to let go of the traffic on the ring back on time in the pilot project. The following train will stop as usual at the two stations. Passengers will be informed of the transit time on the train and on the platforms. The procedure is designed to prevent trains must miss a turn in the ring as it is today to get back in step. Thus, the new process the vast majority of passengers should bring benefits.

Peter Buchner, CEO of S- Bahn Berlin, says:

“We practice the traversing of stations already, for example, in the additional trains to the Olympic Stadium. Should during the pilot project showed that our customers unlike other cities where this process is already being applied, do not accept this measure, the train will not pursue.” 

Note: S-Bahn Berlin with its 1.4 million passengers every day for the German Railroad, Inc. a subsidiary with an outstanding importance. The aim of the DB AG and the Berlin S-Bahn is to offer customers the capital region a punctual and reliable service. With the values of the past months and we are not satisfied. Therefore, all Group companies involved in the S-Bahn operation have jointly put together a great package of measures. In focus: higher punctuality, better quality – and customer satisfaction.

Alexander Kaczmarek, Corporate Representative of DB AG, Peter Buchner, CEO of S-Bahn Berlin and representatives of the participating Group companies provide you with a press conference on the quality offensive front. ..(on 18th July)
Wednesday, 18 July 2018 10:00
Berlin Hauptbahnhof, bookend,
Entrance Europaplatz 2 , 11th floor, Conference Room 1 

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