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New Congressional Info Released on High Speed Rail Today!
 Washington State Launches Major HSR Initiative
“Imagine traveling between Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon in just a few hours. WSDOT is studying how ultra-high-speed ground transportation (250 mph and greater) could make this concept a reality.”

The Governor’s Office and state Legislature asked WSDOT to study ultra-high-speed ground transportation from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, Oregon. Regional business and government leaders believe better connecting the Cascadia Mega Region is key to the region’s future.

During a 2016 conference of these leaders, Governor Jay Inslee and British Columbia Premier Christy Clark signed an agreement saying they wanted to work together to create a new technology corridor that would include a high-speed transportation system. With support from the governor, the state Legislature then asked that WSDOT analyze the feasibility of such a system to help lawmakers decide if it makes sense and identify next steps they could take to move it forward. The preliminary feasibility study was submitted to the Legislature in December 2017.

Following release of the 2017 study, the Legislature determined that a more in-depth analysis was warranted and approved funding for WSDOT to conduct a business case study that will be completed in July 2019. British Columbia, Oregon and Microsoft also contributed funding to undertake the next phase of analysis.

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