USHSR News… High Speed Rail is Coming to America!

Get ready America… Fast Trains Are Finally Coming!
After decades of 1950s thinking, America is finally moving into the future!  The rest of the world has been for decades enjoying the benefits of high speed rail – the greatest form of transportation ever invented.
The people of Japan have been zooming around on fast trains for 50 years while Americans have been stuck in traffic the whole time. The people of France have enjoyed fast, efficient train service for 30 years, being able to quickly and easily get to jobs, meetings, sporting and cultural events, vacations, and more.

Recently, the people of China became the luckiest of all – their government built the world’s largest and newest high speed rail network (15,000 miles and still growing), covering every corner of their huge country! They don’t have to deal with traffic congestion any more, or delayed / cancelled flights.
Now its America’s turn to have fast, reliable transportation, and move past our outdated, problematic transportation thinking. Its quite amazing we’ve waited this long. We’ve really been missing out big time!

Mineta Institute makes the case for HSR!  Read the article | Join the Rail Revolution
Join the Great American Rail Revolution!
Rail leaders will be gathering…

California High Speed Rail

Hear from the top leaders of America’s first high speed rail project, now under construction in California. CEO Brian Kelly will discuss the new business plan, and the construction schedule going forward, upcoming construction package bids, and current progress.

California Authority Board Chair Dan Richard will outline the financing, politics, and state-wide buildout program for bullet train service in California.  Don’t miss the big event!  More | Register for conference

High Speed Rail Around the World

Join global experts in hearing about the rapid expansion of high speed rail in numerous nations. Hear about the great experiences nations have had with HSR and the many benefits that were delivered to their societies from having access to fast, reliable train service.

Here about the latest advancements in train technology, and new system planning methods and successes from around the world.  More | Be part of the event

Statewide Sustainability Framework

Hear from noted architect and urban planner Peter Calthorpe who ran the statewide land-use scenario planning study for the State of California, following the high speed rail route, analyzing different land development patterns and the results.

Peter Calthorpe has been called one of the most important planners of the modern era by Time Magazine. A co-founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Peter is a world expert on regional planning and transit oriented development.  More | Join the conference
Progress continues on the nation’s first high speed rail system… moving America closer to 21st century transportation, step-by-step. With more than 119 miles of heavy construction underway, California is building the future today and leading America into the sustainability revolution in green transportation!
CAHSRA Sustainability Report Released!
High speed rail is ZERO CARBON TRANSPORTATION! No other form of transportation even comes close. A national high speed rail system is the fastest way to reduce carbon from our transportation and energy sectors, and is the centerpiece of a sustainable America.
With trains powered by electricity generated 100% by renewables, this can cut the nation’s energy consumption and carbon output by 70% or more – as fast as new systems can be constructed! No other solution can scale up anywhere near this fast to transform entire regional transportation patterns.