InnoTrans: With the Traverso Stadler and the SOB send a strong signal over long distances.(SOB/Stadler)


SOB & Stadler logos.(Courtesy SOB/Stadler)

Stadler and Südostbahn AG (SOB) presented today at the InnoTrans in Berlin electrical Low-floor Traverso. The long-distance trains for SOB represent the current state of development of FLIRT vehicle line (Fast Light Intercity and Regional Train). The technical highlight is the completely new engine bogies and further optimized run-bogies. From the timetable change 2019 the new fleet of successful product Pre-Alpine Express will run on the very popular international tourist route between St. Gallen and Lucerne. A year later, the SOB rises in cooperation with the SBB into the long-distance business. The SOB then continues with the new Traverso hourly alternation also of Basel or   Zurich via the Gotthard mountain railway to Locarno in Ticino.


Traverso Presentation at InnoTrans 2018 ,Berlin.(Stadler Image)

The new eight-part low-floor articulated trains offer passengers a journey into a unique vehicle in the unique Alpine foothills Express route. From the outside of Traverso impresses with clear lines and intercity front design. The high-quality interior is geared specifically to the needs of different user groups: commuters find space where they can work in peace. Tourists and weekend trippers enjoy the fantastic views from the panoramic windows, can store skis and bikes and cater to the two zones Bistro. For families there is a separate family area. The train meets the latest European disability equality legislation and provides an information system with four to seven screens per car.

The technical development priorities of FLIRT for the SOB are mainly in the introduction of new motor bogie, the optimization of the bogies and the successful integration of a new energy-efficient generation of power converters. The innovative chassis technology ensures a low-wear operation on winding roads. The innovative, lightweight bogie can be replaced quickly for maintenance also. The Traverso has standardized components on the vehicle roof. In addition to air conditioning, compressed air generation and -bevorratung also a large part of the drive train, such as traction transformers, cooling, pantograph and main switches are assembled there. It is the new, jointly developed by Stadler and ABB dry-type transformer installed, the demonstrably leads already dedication and commitment of FLIRT trains to a reduction of annual energy consumption of up to 7.5 percent.

With the use of the latest drive technology train travel is again environmentally friendly. The patented by ABB multi-level converter topology in combination with the dry-type transformer technology allows a lightweight design of the drive components and reduced energy losses in the drive train.

More about the trains

The eight-car trains have 359 seats, including 68 seats in first class. All seats passengers are outlets available. The long-distance version of the FLIRT is designed for a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour. For the intended application of the new Traverso has been configured for a maximum operating speed of 160 kilometers per hour. Like all vehicles of the FLIRT family also has the Traverso following typical characteristics: Continuous entrances, a spacious and clear interior design and superstructure in aluminum lightweight construction.

The SOB has received positive feedback about the cozy ambience and the comfortable seats in the previous Pre-Alpine Express for many years. This input has arrived at the designers. Among other things, the seats are very comfortable again failed and the cushion geometry been taken on the basis of the existing seating.

The new eight-car trains are copper-colored. The semi-precious metal copper on the one hand symbolizes high quality and solidity, on the other hand copper with the history of human progress is closely connected. This progress is reflected for the travelers, for the SOB and Stadler in the color of copper.

Total 22 new trains for SOB

The end of June 2016, the SOB has ordered six eight-part and five four-part electric low-floor trains from Stadler to replace the older, some 40 years standing in use compositions from the new timetable of 2019. The eight-part, presented today trains will come on the route of the Voralpen Express between St. Gallen and Lucerne used and make traveling through the Alps even higher quality and more comfortable. The four-unit trains (RV2020) with 197 seats, of which 22 are in the first class which enhance FLIRTs-stock liquor in train operation.

From 13 December 2020, the SOB operated in cooperation with SBB with the new Traverso, the long-distance route from Basel or Zurich via the Gotthard mountain railway to Locarno. For this route, the SOB has ordered as part of an option redemption in December 2017 eleven eight-Traverso-distance trains.

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