New Loco pool established – focus on hybrid locomotives.(ELP)

The newly established European Loc pool offers rail operators and logistics companies of locomotives including full service solutions throughout Europe. On 18 September 2018, the European Loc pool at the InnoTrans in Berlin has been presented to the public.

The bank Reichmuth & Co of Lucerne and the PCS Holding AG, Frauenfeld founded because of the large demand for innovative leasing solutions to European Loc pool (ELP), based in Frauenfeld. The ELP provides lessees beside locomotives also a comprehensive service service package. The service services cover the entire life of the locomotives – this includes both preventive and corrective maintenance and general inspections and revisions. Because the lessee has to build their own infrastructure for maintenance, synergies can be used and costs are saved and the railway operator can concentrate on its core business. The complete maintenance and the maintenance of the locomotives are already included in the lease payment.

The so-called full-service leasing has become the most popular method of procurement of rolling stock for public and private rail operators. The establishment of ELP is a response to this new market environment and enables rail operators, not only to lease rolling stock, but also to take advantages of services to ensure a long-term mileage on premium levels.

Portfolio will be expanded

The focus of the ELP depends currently on six-axle Euro dual locomotives. These hybrid locomotives are a specialty of the ELP. They allow the operation on electrified and non-electrified lines and thus offer logistical advantages. In a next step, multi-system electric locomotives to be included in the portfolio which are designed to operate on the defined north-south and east-west corridors, as well as four-axle bimodal Ranigerlokomotiven.

CEO of the new Loc pool company is the Dutchman Willem Goosen. He worked from 1993 to 2004 at GE Capital / GE Rail Services from 2005 to 2009, the Australian investment company Babock & Brown as managing director of CBRail in Munich and is subsequently emigrated to South Africa. There he was involved in management positions at various companies in business development and has established two new rolling stock leasing companies and a rail Infrastructure Investment Fund. Chairman position holds the Briton Haydn Abbott Turner. Since 2015 he is non-executive director at Porterbrook Leasing in Derby and was from 1999 to 2010 CEO of Angel Trains International and Alpha Trains. He drew largely responsible for the successful construction of the two companies in this function.

The Board is further from Urs Gerspacher (since 2003 Managing Partner AIL Structured Finance), Stefan Matthias Hasenböhler (since 2008 member of the management Reichmuth & Co Investment Management, Partner, Head of Private Markets, since 2012 Chairman InRoll), Christoph Karl Reichmuth ( Chairman of the Board of the private bank Reichmuth & Co.) and Peter Spuhler (owner and Chairman of Stadler) together.

The first order of the European Loc pool was carried out at Stadler and includes ten euro dual locomotives including full service package. The delivery of the locomotives is provided for the second half 2019 and first half of 2020.

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