“Prignitz-Express” line RE 6 recognizes “Neuruppin”.(Deutsche Bahn)

Prignitz-Express is an ambassador for Neuruppin and fontane.200 – Solemn train setup
Prignitz-Express is an ambassador for Neuruppin and fontane.200 – Solemn train setup as a rolling ambassador for the Neuruppin and fontane.200 is now a trainset line RE 6 “Prignitz-Express” by Berlin and Brandenburg go. At a formal train setup, the vehicle received a logo with the name “Neuruppin”. The local train for the city of Neuruppin and the region will henceforth attract – via the Fontane year addition. The train line RE 6 is to go from Wittenberge Berlin over Hennigsdorf, Neuruppin, Wittstock, Pritzwalk and Perleberg.

Fontane Jubilee 2019

Theodor Fontane has announced Brandenburg far beyond the country’s borders. Fontane’s home town of Neuruppin, at the same time focus of nationwide celebrations in anniversary year 2019, taking the 200th birthday of its famous son as an opportunity to shed light Fontane new and to discover the city and region.

Solemn ceremony attended by representatives from Berlin and Brandenburg

Godfather at the ceremony at the station Neuruppin West were Ralf Reinhardt, district Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Jens-Peter Golde, Mayor of the Fontane Neuruppin, Juergen Ross, head of planning and passenger information of the Transport Association Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) and Jörg Werner, head of passenger marketing DB Regio Northeast that revealed common to the Christian name on the train. Following the opportunity existed for all official representatives and citizens make a city walk to the Fontane-Neuruppin places in and learn about the culture offer in Fontane-anniversary year of 2019.

Neuruppin is not the first city with its own regional train on the route of Prignitz-Express. Also a train named “Wittstock / Dosse” and the logo of the State Garden Show 2019 (LAGA) in Wittstock is traveling on the track.

On the occasion of the State Garden Show in Wittstock / Dosse VBB has ordered additional services in the timetable 2019: Trains for LAGA on weekends every hour and in double traction between Berlin and Wittstock / Dosse. Wittstock / Dosse a transition to Neuruppin is required. How to reach the weekend coming from Wittenberge hourly Neuruppin.

There is also a late connection from Wittstock / Dosse to Neuruppin with connection to Berlin and from Wittstock / Dosse to Wittenberge. So the inhabitants of prignitz benefit from these services. You can easily reach the numerous events Fontane anniversary in Neuruppin by train.

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