S-Bahn runs in three-minute intervals for Lollapalooza.(Deutsche Bahn)

Buy maximum offer to night ⋅ Must return tickets before you arrive
Next weekend (8-9. September), the music festival Lollapalooza launches its fourth edition. For two days, occur in the Berlin Olympic Park more than 60 artists and groups. The organizers expect tens of thousands of visitors per day.

The S-Bahn Berlin will offer on both days, both during the day and in the evening and at night in addition to the regular service additional journeys to / from the station Olympiastadion.

-> Important note: The festival organizer for the tickets not concluded any agreement combined ticket for public transport. Urgent Tip to the passengers: already buy Before Driving the return ticket to avoid for Concert end scrum from ticket machines.

The regular 10-minute intervals from the rail to Spandau the lines S3 and S9 following is added:

On both days, in addition, the S5 runs from 10 am between Strausberg Nord / Mahlsdorf and Olympic Stadium in the 10th minute intervals. From about 19:00 more trips between Charlottenburg until about 1:15 – the Olympiastadion in every 10 minutes available. From about 20:30 these services are then continued by the S5 in conjunction with S7 and S3.

-> This means that about every 3 minutes there is a train with eight cars on the section Olympic Stadium <> Charlottenburg. Around 1000 passengers can be transported per trip. In order for the S-Bahn offers the maximum possible range of on this section.

On Saturday, the S3 enhances the regular night traffic S9 between 00:45 until approximately 1:15 with a connection to the Olympic Stadium to Charlottenburg every 10 minutes. In addition, on both days and on the S41 from 23 pm (Saturday) and 22:30 (Sunday) will be offered additional trips to allow a speedy onward journey to the ring road. 

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