Stadler presents METRO train for the Glasgow Subway, one of the oldest subway networks in the world.(Stadler)

Stadler has presented today in a consortium with Ansaldo STS and along with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to the world one of the new trains for the Glasgow Subway. With this order, over 17 METRO vehicles raises the Swiss train manufacturer of out-of-requirement to build trains for a network with an unusually narrow track and narrow tunnels.

Stadler won an order worth 200 million pounds in a consortium with Ansaldo STS in 2016 by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport. It includes the delivery of new rolling stock and control systems. These include a new signaling solution, communication systems, a control center and to deposit extensions and new sliding doors to the platforms.
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(Stadler Images)

The new trains will be the same length and width as the existing rolling stock, but consist of four instead of three cars per train. The interior of the trains will be completely completely accessible so that the available space can be optimally utilized. In addition, areas are provided for wheelchairs, to make the trains more user friendly for all passengers. The new trains with a maximum speed of 58 km / h be for completely automatic operation (ATO) equipped. For Stadler it is the first fully automated trains.

Completed in 1896, the Glasgow Subway to London and Budapest is the next oldest metro network in the world. It runs through the original tunnel system from Victorian times on a track width of only 1,220 millimeters through tunnels that are only 3400 millimeters wide – thus the world’s smallest subway system. The tunnel system consists of a 10.5 km long circular route with 15 stations. Trains must be tailored to this system and designed accordingly.

Peter Jenelten, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales at Stadler says: 

“Stadler is proud to be versatile, creative and solution-oriented. The historical substance of the Glasgow Subway has put our skills to the test. But we excited about the job in 2016 profits were so happy we are now on the successful roll-out of this groundbreaking fleet. ” 

Gordon Maclennan, Managing Director at Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, said: 
“The delivery of new rolling stock, including the control system is an important part of our plan to modernize the subway for generations to come. We all know the proud railway history of the subway as the third oldest in the world and our modernization plans will ensure that the subway will remain an integral part of Glasgow’s transport network in the future. ” 
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