Building for the passenger.(Deutsche Bahn)

Regional railway line extended from December to Ostkreuz • Four tracks to Warsaw road for more S-Bahn trains • stations are customer friendly • New construction in autumn / winter

“The German Railway builds primarily for the passenger, even if the work was initially provide extra trouble,” said Alexander Kaczmarek, Corporate Representative of DB for the State of Berlin, in Pressegepräch construction and schedule in Berlin today. Was Gesprächsort to match the enormous program that is planned for the fall and winter of this year, the construction management for the major project S 21 at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

The timetable change on December 9 this year, will hold an additional transport line at the new regional platform, at Ostkreuz. Those coming from Küstrin are faster in this important transfer point. For twelve years, the station was completely rebuilt under the “rolling wheel” and renewed. A reception building on the street Sunday and redesigned forecourts are still pending. With 552,000 train stops per year Ostkreuz is nationwide rising at the top trend. Besides other major stations such as Zoologischer Garten, Ostbahnhof or Cottbus railway reserves the smaller eye: 17 stations are usually redesigned by year end comprising cleaned and repaired for travelers and visitors feel comfortable.

Go to the new timetable, the third and fourth S-Bahn track between Ostkreuz and Ostbahnhof in operation: from the construction program. This allows more trains and improve punctuality. The basic renovation of the station Schöneweide began in August and will continue until the 2,021th The first noise barriers at the Dresden railway stand. From March next year, the work has an impact on the running of trains. From Karower Cross to Bernau more railway bridges to be replaced. For the new S-Bahn, S Project Title 21, the bridge construction will be completed next year. Create divers a watertight construction pit at the main station. The road on the north shore will be opened and the Tegeler Road closed. For S7, a meeting section between Potsdam and Babelsberg arises. The end of March this makes for more punctuality in train traffic. Do not forget: In January, the S-Bahn tunnel is maintained and cleaned thoroughly. Between Gesundbrunnen Yorckstraße / Großgörschenstraße go no commuter trains.

Construction has partly a major impact on the running of trains. Rail passengers should inform themselves here: . Details of the major projects: .

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