Dewy name: S-train is now called “Ahrensfelde”.(Deutsche Bahn)

Solemn baptism by S-Bahn CEO Peter Buchner and Mayor Wilfried Gehrke
Just outside of Berlin, in the far south of the Barnim district, lies the community Ahrensfelde, terminus of the S7.

The convenient location and access to Berlin’s public transport system have the place in recent years gives a big boost. Been to bring the ties to the S-Bahn Berlin expressed today is a train on the name “Ahrensfelde” baptized. S-Bahn CEO Peter Buchner and Wilfried Gehrke, mayor of the town who, ceremoniously unveiled the name and the vehicle, christened with water from the Wuhle, a tributary of the River Spree, which rises in Ahrensfelde.

The ceremony of a saxophone quartet of the Federal Police Orchestra, which provided with songs like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Addicted to You” by Swedish DJ Avicii some pep musical program was accompanied by music. The Federal Police has a great location in the community.

Mayor Wilfried Gehrke:

“We are proud that a suburban train with our name and emblem of our community now travels through Berlin. The Berlin / Ahrensfelde can greatly benefit from each other through joint action. The municipality Ahrensfelde experienced a large inflow in recent years and needs to be strengthened in entirety. The train is as a unifying symbol for this is the perfect traveling ambassador to bear the name “Ahrensfelde” across national borders. ” 

Peter Buchner:
“I am baptizing a train S-Bahn to the name Ahrensfelde me to today’s 15-year anniversary of the municipality of Ahrensfelde. We would like to be a reliable mobility service provider for the region in the future. Nevertheless, the S-Bahn train named, Ahrensfelde ‘a symbol of the closeness between the capital and this emerging neighboring town. ” 

The S-train with the Dewy name and arms will in future be seen mainly on the light rail. 
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