Minor procedure, big impact for punctuality.(Deutsche Bahn)

The S-Bahn Berlin has a further measure of the quality offensive
S-Bahn PLUS as announced and implemented exchanged 1,000 door relay to avoid disturbances door

There are just two small black boxes that fit on the palm of his hand – but they make a lot of trouble if they do not work: the relay 4K05 and 4K06. The S-Bahn Berlin has now implemented a further component of its quality offensive and replaced as a precaution a total of 1,000 of these door relays on all trains of the series 481st The two parts are a major cause of door disorders and thus partly responsible for delays and cancellations.

In four suburban railway stations, the exchange has been in the past four weeks made – now the action is finished and all trains of the 481 series are equipped with new relay. 

DB11963 S-Bahn Berlin - ET 481
S-Bahn Berlin – Railcars of the ET 481 series at Bornholmer Strasse station.Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben

If the 4x4x4 centimeters big boxes do not work, the engineer can indeed close the doors, but does not receive the confirmation message “door closed”. The train can not thereby drive off and has to be taken out of circulation.

Dr. Martin Aurich, maintenance manager at S-Bahn Berlin:

“With this small operation, we achieve a big impact in terms of punctuality, our series 481st Most of our fleet, a total of 500 of 650 trains thereby a piece reliable. “
The cost of this measure: With around 15 euros per relay the material used is relatively small – but both the labor and logistics costs were high.

The quality drive train PLUS comprises around 180 modules – additional train drivers on improvements in maintenance and attractive locations until the expansion of energy supply.

Among other things, hundreds of systems of safety and control systems will also be replaced. Higher Punctuality is a key objective of the quality offensive: For example, running on the rail between Ostkreuz and central station since July, a pilot project in which all the doors of the trains automatically open to allow for faster boarding and alighting. Successful pilot projects are transferred to regular operation. DB is a good 30 million euros for the entire program.

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