On the construction of new highways and railways will go 86.3 billion, approved by the government.(Czech Republic)

October 17, 2018

On the construction of new sections of highways, primary roads, railways, as well as the repair has to go in the next year 86.3 billion crowns. The budget of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure approved by the government. At the same time, he enjoined the Minister of Finance and Minister of Transport, in the first quarter of next year to ensure four billion to repair regional roads.

Minister of Transport, Dan Ťok, said:

“Next year’s budget will ensure the continuation of the construction of new highways and railways. ( in four years the government provided extremely regions 15 billion to repair roads and bridges.)The national resources go into buildings 65.5 billion and 20.8 billion crowns from European funds. Four billion then we will seek the Minister of Finance in the first quarter of next year from unused spending and the budget for road SFDI II. and III. classes.” 

The approved budget will not only continue under construction 185 kilometers of motorways and main roads , as well as launching new transportation construction . At the beginning of December this year and begin construction of 14.7 km long continuation of the highway D35 in the section times – Island . The next year it will build a further 12.6 kilometers D35 in the region Opatovice nad Labem – times . The sequel is going well in the coming months to bypass Czech Budejovice D3, which are two sections in the length of almost 20 kilometers . Construction will also continue a total of 22.6 km long two sections of the completion of the D11 from Hradec Kralove through Smiřice to Jaroměře . Will also continue upgrading D1 on seven sections with a total length of 70 kilometers.

Will continue next year also reconstruction Negrelli Viaduct in Prague. This segment will be followed by further upgrading the route from Prague to Kladno in the direction of turning the airport Vaclav Havel in Prague. A simultaneous modernization of the railway line between Prague Main Station and Hostivař. Work will continue on the next leg of the fourth transit corridor from Prague to the Czech Budejovice. Modernization of the line Sudoměřice – Votice bring Doubling in said section, two tunnels and a new railway station Cerveny Ujezd. The speed of trains will be increased to 160 km / h, which will shorten travel time express trains between Prague and Tabor for one hour. Completion of works is expected by 2021.

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