RE3 as of Friday with shorter travel time.(Deutsche Bahn)

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Regional traffic reaches about new bridges at Karower Cross • Milestone in large-scale construction

(Berlin, October 10, 2018) As of 12 October, rail passengers in RE3 around 20 minutes earlier at the destination. The trains then go back in a direct way to the capital. The permit two of five new railway bridges that have been built since June last year on Karower cross. Also, the RE66 then uses the connection made to its terminus Gesundbrunnen.

Because of the construction work, the mainline track Blankenburg could – Karow 17 months not being used. The trains were diverted to the station Lichtenberg, Rostock created a temporary bypass.

The crossing structures on the Berlin outer ring and the connecting track Stettiner railway / outer ring towards Rostock each carry two tracks for the S and for the remote web. After taking the commuter train operation on August 17, the first of two mainline tracks can be used from next Friday. This represents a further milestone has been achieved in large-scale construction. Depending on the construction of the railway line and the electronic signal box is scheduled to take the second track in the summer of 2020 in operation. For more information and a video time-lapse here: 

Facts about the construction work on the cross Karower 

  • Replacement of more than 100 years old crossing structures “Berlin outer ring” and “compound curve” 
  • Production of four bridge halves, each with more than 3,000 tons of weight before track possession 
  • Shunting of both bridge halves of the building “compound curve” and the S-course side of the railway bridge “Berlin outer ring” 
  • The slide path: the 54 meters per building component “compound curve” and 17 meters of the half bridge “Berlin outer ring” 
  • Verschubgeschwindigkeit: Up to one meter per minute
  • Built-up material for the bridges: 20,000 tons of reinforced concrete
  • Moving Earth’s mass for crossing structures: 67 000 tonnes (removal and installation)
  • Renewal Foundation: 10,000 tons
  • Renewal Superstructure: 15,000 tons of gravel
  • Deep drainage: 8,000 tons 

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