Schedule changes between Potsdam main station and Griebnitzsee.(Deutsche Bahn)

On Wednesday bomb between Griebnitzsee and Potsdam Hauptbahnhof
On Wednesday, 10 October ride because of defusing a World War II bomb from about 9:30 no trains between Potsdam Central Station and Griebnitzsee. The main station Potsdam is not in the trap and can be reached by trains from the direction of Potsdam Charlottenhof. The duration of the bomb neutralization can not be named. The DB is based on an end to about 13.30.

The trains from RE1 from / towards Magdeburg are between Berlin Charlottenburg and Werder (Havel) via Golm (extra stop) diverted. In Golm connection is to the trains of the RB21 / 22nd By diverting the trains can be late by about + 10 minutes. The train stops in Berlin Wannsee, Potsdam main station, Potsdam and Potsdam Charlottenhof Park Sanssouci omitted.

The trains of the line RE 1 from / towards Brandenburg be between Werder / Havel and Berlin Ostbahnhof about Saar mouth and Schönefeld be redirected (without additional support). The train stops in Berlin Alexanderplatz, Friedrichstrasse, Hauptbahnhof, Zoologischer Garten, Charlottenburg, Wannsee, Potsdam accounts Hauptbahnhof, Charlottenhof and Sanssouci Park.

Passengers are asked to use the commuter train between Berlin Charlottenburg and Potsdam Babelsberg.
Current information is available at to find. Questions about the regional traffic also answers the customer dialogue DB Regio AG Berlin / Brandenburg at (0331) 235-6881.

RB line 20 (Hennigsdorf – Potsdam)
Trains scheduled to / from Potsdam main station, there are no restrictions

RB line 23 (Michendorf – Potsdam) 
Trains scheduled to / from Potsdam main station, there are no restrictions

Among the restrictions, the S-Bahn Berlin is concerned:
On Wednesday, the train traffic between the stations Potsdam Babelsberg and Potsdam Central Station is interrupted from about 9:30 AM. The line S7 (10-min intervals), operates only between Ahrensfelde and Potsdam Babelsberg. A replacement bus service with buses is set up. Last trains S7: Potsdam main station at 9:15 or Potsdam Main Station from 9:20.
Travelers can deal more specifically with information at (030) 297-43333 or the S-Bahn customer phone. 

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