Started sage hero project in the school year 2018/2019 in 11 states: For more career opportunities.(Deutsche Bahn)

Appointed hero – a joint project of the Foundation Service Learning and the German Railways Foundation (Photos: Marius terminal)  
More participants than ever: 34 vocations heroes schools participate in the current school year • Students strengthen their training opportunities • career guidance and detect specific inclinations
(Berlin, 08 October 2018) At the beginning of the current school year is almost nationwide cooperation project “called heroes – Service Learning for chances on the job” started. The interest of the schools continues to increase. A total of 34 schools from eleven states participating in the current school year 2018/2019. The project was developed by the German Railway Foundation and the Foundation Service Learning and has been held since 2016th

Thousands of training places to stay in Germany unoccupied in recent years – and rising. The reasons for this are manifold: poor pay and working conditions, and lack of or inadequate qualifications included. But common reasons are that students do not yet know exactly towards the end of their school career which jobs suit them. They lack basic skills or they can not correctly assess their inclinations. At this point, the transition from school to working life is the cooperation project “called heroes” on.

Goal-oriented implementation by teachers
Trained teachers accompany you their pupils in the planning and implementation of a non-profit project. The students, especially from socially disadvantaged areas, organizing a volunteer work in an occupation, implement it and reflect finally their activities and experiences. In this way, they are specific training skills and abilities, which can be helpful to young people choosing a career and vocational training. They increase their chance to enter professional life and strengthen social cohesion.
In a neighborhood school in Hamburg, for example, eight-graders and eighth-graders sit with professional fields and workflows in social institutions apart and are committed to homeless people.
More and more schools participate
“Called heroes – Service Learning for career opportunities” launched 14 pilot schools in six provinces in the school year 2016/2017 on. Meanwhile, 34 schools participate in the current school year 2018/2019 in eleven states.

Towards uniform and targeted implementation teachers receive central and local training and workshops as well as a folder with specific educational materials. In addition, since April this year, informs a sage hero-practice guidelines on the teaching and learning method “Service Learning”. This can be downloaded from the Foundation’s Service Learning. An ongoing, nationwide continuity is achieved through cooperation with educational authorities.

All photos: Marius terminal
German Railway Foundation
The German Railway Foundation wants to help shape a chance just society and strengthen social cohesion. While it connects railway history with the course for the future. It operates the National Railway Museum, is committed to the integration of people at the margins of society and promotes volunteerism.
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Foundation Service Learning
The Foundation Service Learning committed nationwide for quality and sustainably service-learning at schools so that young people, regardless of their origin, develop their individual skills, to engage civic and active democratic society can help shape. Because the Foundation works with a network of 150 schools and 70 partners from civil society and education policy.
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