A brighter, more vibrant uniform is launched for GWR Customer Ambassadors.(First Group)

Great Western Railway (GWR) is introducing an exciting fresh, new and more contemporary look for Customer Ambassadors at stations across the network.

GWR's customer ambassadors

(First Group Image)

Customer Ambassadors are available at key GWR stations to help customers with the latest travel information and assistance to everyone, including those needing extra help or support with their journey.

The refreshed uniforms are much brighter than existing designs so that customers can more easily spot Customer Ambassadors on platforms, station concourses and at ticket offices.

GWR Customer Service and Transformation Director, Richard Rowland, said:

“This vibrant new uniform is another exciting part of the biggest fleet upgrade in a generation. As new trains continue to be introduced, we’re launching this new uniform for our Customer Ambassadors to help raise the visibility of our teams on hand to help passengers.”

The designers behind the new uniforms spent several weeks working on the designs as well as consulting with the staff about what they needed from a uniform. One of the main points raised was being visible to customers in busy stations.

The new uniforms are already being rolled-out across the GWR network and offer a range of combinations of garments for male, female and gender-neutral staff.

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