Stadler wins order for 64 FLIRT for the Hanover S-Bahn.(Stadler)

Transdev Stadler charged with the development, the construction and delivery of 64 electric multiple units of the type FLIRTs for use on routes the train Hannover.

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The Veolia Verkehr could prevail in a Europe-wide tender for the operation of the S-Bahn Hannover. From the end of 2021 Transdev subsidiary NordWestBahn will take over the operation of the S-Bahn on twelve tracks around the capital of Lower Saxony. In addition to the 13 existing vehicles, they will use 64 new electric trains of the type of FLIRTs Stadler therefor. The contract for the procurement of the vehicles is around 320 million euros. Transdev thus operates in Germany a fleet of 100 FLIRT different configurations and equipment.

The three-car trains for the S-Bahn Hannover feature on a total vehicle length of 68 meters over eight passenger doors on each side that allow rapid passenger. 397 passengers, see the video-monitored over the entire surface area of ​​the passenger space, 180 of them seated.
The multiple units are equipped with a barrier-free universal toilet according to TSI PRM and have like all FLIRT bright and cheerful passenger areas are barrier-free and consistently no steps. The particularly large designed multi-purpose areas provide space for the transport of up to twelve bicycles, bulky luggage and strollers. They are equipped with outlets for charging electric bikes and with wheelchair spaces by TSI PRM. The modern passenger information system in real time with monitors in each entry area as well as the in-vehicle wireless equipment facilitates the traveler-the-minute update their trip. The vehicles reach a maximum speed of 160 km / h.

Stadler Group CEO Thomas Ahlburg says:

“We are pleased with the job in the Lower Saxony region and about being able to continue the pleasant and constructive cooperation with Transdev in Hanover S-Bahn. “The award confirms once again that the FLIRT is ideal for the needs of all forms of regional rail passenger transport than Individualized vehicle with comfortable furnishings, modernster technology and high smoothness.” 

Dr. Tobias Heinemann, CEO of Veolia Verkehr, says:

“For our group of gain is a tremendous success and the biggest train order in our company’s history. We will do everything necessary to lead this important project a success. The acquisition of new vehicles FLIRT is one of them – it is for the customer a noticeable improvement in quality of the S-Bahn system be.”

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