Sustainable urban logistics with e-load wheels starts at Berlin Südkreuz.(Deutsche Bahn)

Digital platform weColli for environmentally friendly logistics in cities • New hub with solar energy in Berlin
The so-called last mile transportation is responsible, 25 percent of all transport-related carbon emissions for a large part of air pollution in the cities. The German Railways (DB) has developed an environmentally friendly alternative for the goods logistics in city centers, which starts at the station Südkreuz. With the digital platform weColli the supplies are collected in the central nodes. The distribution in the neighborhood is then emission-free E-load wheels. Thus, the traffic, noise and air pollution in downtown areas decreases.

Am Bahnhof Berlin Südkreuz such a distribution center went into operation. In a special container goods and fresh food to be delivered and stored. They are then distributed via cargo bike in the surrounding neighborhoods. The current for the cooling and for the batteries of the wheels is thereby produced locally by solar panels.

For the successful operation of the DB is working with experienced partners: weColli a digital platform, as Velogista Radlogistiker, inno2grid as a renewable energy source and the ecovillage Brodowin as a producer and supplier of organic food.

Contrary to conventional shipping are combined different traditions about the weColli platform and managed by local bike logisticians. Thus, for each tour goods deliver highly efficient. Another advantage of the load wheels: You can get around and park right outside the front door of the customer slightly heavy traffic. This wearing of goods will be shortened for the couriers.

About Smart City | DB
Mobility and logistics of the future are intelligently networked and energy efficient. DB has recognized the potential and drives the Smart City development ahead with a specially prepared team. The focus is on issues stations, new business models for mobility and logistics and information platform for cities face.

An ambitious target
The German railway drives as an environmental leader in climate protection, noise control and the species and nature conservation forward. By 2030, the DB is more than halve the specific emissions of greenhouse gases. Completely free of CO2, the DB Group wants to be up to the 2050.

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