S-Bahn Berlin for nights on the road: continuous traffic at Christmas and New Year

Dense clock on many lines in the New Year’s Eve
The S-Bahn runs when others celebrate! Therefore, there will be a continuous night traffic on festival days and New Year this year. Specifically, the S-Bahn is on the way as follows: 

21 to 25.12. continuous traffic, at night every 30 minute intervals until the following day 
24.12. During the day the regular Saturday schedule applies. From 17:00 
Every 20 minutes on all lines. Exception: The ring rail lines S41 / S42 are traveling in 10-minute intervals. The S26 does not drive from 17 o’clock. 
25 and 26.12. During the day, the Sunday schedule applies. 

28.12. to 30.12. continuous traffic, at night every 30 minute intervals until the following day 
31.12. To 21 pm, the Saturday timetable applies. Full Night traffic in the 20-minute cycle, which is compressed to a number of line sections up to the New Year’s Day on a 10-minute intervals. On the rail is to 3 pm about 3-minute intervals. For the departure of the party “Welcome 2019” there are additional rides on the rail section Ostbahnhof <> Charlottenburg. The circle line runs continuously at 10-minute intervals. The S5 between Strausberg and Strausberg Nord continues after 2 pm every 40 minutes. The S8 of Blankenburg to Birkenwerder is traveling at hourly intervals. The S45 and S85 to operate 
0:45 or 1:00. 

1.1. From 7 pm, the Sunday schedule applies. 

Note on New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate: The league includes police for security reasons, the station Brandenburg Gate from about 16 am to 3 o’clock. We ask our passengers at this time on the stations Friedrichstrasse to avoid Potsdamer Platz and Hauptbahnhof. 

The S-Bahn Berlin wishes to thank all its employees for their efforts during the holidays and New Year. So that they allow many people, carefree celebrate with family and friends.