“Top secret track”: New special exhibition on myths, legends and secrets of 180 years of railway history in the DB Museum.(www.dbmuseum.de)

New special “top secret car” at the DB Museum Nuremberg (Photo: DB Museum / Uwe Niklas)

Specially drawn illustrations in the style of film noir round as a visual highlight • Acting guides and drawing workshops program from • special exhibition will be shown until June 30, 2019
(Nuremberg / Berlin, December 13, 2018) An exceptional exhibition presents the DB Museum in Nuremberg from December 14, 2018: “top secret track” tells to 200 square meters, about 30 odd stories from 180 years of railway history. Here killers are hunted, unmasked spies taken myths and legends closer look. Interactive elements enable visitors to crack codes, solve puzzles and uncover secrets. 

For several months, the exhibition team researched in archives and libraries, to bring light into dark chapter of German railway history. The result tells an exciting exhibition, the enigmatic stories from business, politics, sports and the world of the rich and famous. 
Spies, soap dispensers and hidden cameras
On display are curious and have never been shown in some exhibits, including those from America, England, Poland and France. A special highlight: The custom built in original size and for authentic design plans from the early 19th century model of Geislauterner steam car. This is one of the earliest German locomotives, even though this really is an English invention. She was quickly spied by German engineers and copied. 

Of espionage, a spectacular-looking soap dispenser from a modern passenger train toilet says: Such everyday objects were used by intelligence agencies specifically as letter boxes to get secret messages behind enemy lines. However, the Stasi made the agent a spanner in the works and installed hidden cameras in the train toilets to unmask spies. 

Morbid flair spread a Gebeinkiste which was in use for the transport of human remains by rail. Whether a corpse must buy a ticket, you can learn from the respective service provision. 

Film noir meets graphic novel
Among many unusual exhibits, drawn especially for the exhibition illustrations are a real eye-catcher. They tell of mysterious circumstances and creepy confessions. The expressive works of the designer team of Marius Schreyer Design from Nuremberg are of particular aesthetic and guarantee an exceptional museum experience. Text is secondary here: The images convey the stories that are thus more tangible and vivid. 

Oliver Götze, director of the DB Museum:

“The exhibition will not only surprise content with many exciting stories, but is also a visual treat. Our visitors can feel like detectives in a film noir and shed light on their own railroad history. ” 

Accompanying program
Also accompanying the exhibition promises to be exciting: Acting guides let the visitors into the world of murderers, kings and fraudsters plunge. In drawing workshops, young and old can try out in the art of illustrating. And accompanying presentations tell of railway phrases and Stasi spying. From mid-January also a free guided tour is offered on Sundays through the exhibition at 13 o’clock. 

More at: www.deutschebahnstiftung.de