“Decoupled” – photo exhibition about young people on the street that comes to Munich Central Station.(Deutsche Bahn Stiftung)

“Decoupled” traveling exhibition of the German Railway Foundation (Photo: German Railway Foundation / EVENT PRESS Sascha Radke)

Impressive photographs make emotionally to youth homelessness attention • Images are 2,019 still to be seen in more than ten other German stations • exhibition can be seen from 11 to 20 January 2019 at the Munich Central Station
(Munich / Berlin, January 7, 2019) The German Railway Foundation will start the new year with its traveling exhibition “decoupled”: From 11 to 20 January 2019 make twenty stunning photo-portraits in Munich Central emotionally to the socially relevant topic youth homelessness attentively. 

In Germany, thousands of young people are homeless and grow on the road – without parents, without school or job. The exhibition gives these people a voice and a face. Young people from personal experience of life on the road. When they came to the point of wanting do it alone. How they found the strength. Where they organized help. As they themselves new opportunities. What they dream. 

Initiated by the German Railway Foundation, the photographer Mauricio Bustamante and the author Annabel Trautwein last summer have visited many young people and supported. Thus the impressive portraits of young people emerged. The exhibition is curated by Claudia Rösler of the German Railway Foundation. 

You can see the exhibition in Munich at two locations in the main station: on the central area of the northern passage and on the action area in the basement lock. 

In the coming months the show at least ten other German stations will be on display. The next stop to Munich from 24 January to 3 February 2019 the Cologne main train station. 
Note :
Images of the exhibition series available in our Media Portal Deutsche Bahn under https://mediaportal.deutschebahn.com “decoupled” under the heading available. 
Additional exhibition dates
Köln Hbf 
01/24/2019 – 02/03/2019 

Frankfurt main station 
06/02/2019 – 15/02/2019 

Stuttgart main station 
02/18/2019 – 27/02/2019 

Leipzig central station 
03/02/2019 – 10/03/2019 

Dortmund Hbf 
03/11/2019 – 21/03/2019 

Dresden Hauptbahnhof 
03/24/2019 – 02/04/2019 

Nuremberg main station 
05.04.2019- 04.14.2019 

Mannheim main station 
04/17/2019 – 26/04/2019 

Aachen main station 
04/29/2019 – 05/08/2019 

“Decoupled” traveling exhibition of the German Railway Foundation, the photographer of the exhibition, Mauricio Bustamante (Photo: German Railway Foundation / EVENT PRESS Sascha Radke)
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