From 7 to 17 January failure of the S3 and S9 between West Cross and Spandau.(Deutsche Bahn)

Replacement bus service with buses
The commissioning of the train control system (ZBS) for the S-Bahn Berlin makes a blocking of the S-Bahn line between Westkreuz and Spandau necessary. 

The system, which triggers an automatic emergency braking when accidentally the speed is exceeded or a stop signal is ignored, was installed last summer. Now the start-up takes place. These various approvals, a software change and numerous test runs are performed. During this time, the S-Bahn trains of the lines S3 and S9 between West Cross and Spandau can not drive. 

The following blocking there will be: 
The trains of the lines S3 and S9 between West Cross and Spandau fall out from Monday, January 7 4:00 to Thursday, 17 January 1:30. A replacement bus service with buses will be set up: 

West Cross <> Jafféstraße (for Messe Süd) <> highway <> Olympic Stadium <> Glockenturmstraße / Angerburger Avenue (for Pichelsberg) <> direction Spandau: freedom; Direction Westkreuz: Stresowplatz (for Stresow) <> Spandau 

Passengers can bypass the blocked section of railway trains alternatively with regional traffic (RE2, RE4, RE6, RB10, RB13 and RB14). 

The S-Bahn Berlin informed about the changed transport services on the Internet at Driving alternatives offer the FahrInfo apps DB and VBB.