Construction of Dresdner freeway in southern Berlin.(Deutsche Bahn)

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On the upgraded line trains future in 20 minutes from Berlin Central Station to the airport BER • Target for Berlin-Dresden: 80 minutes • part of the European Corridor East / Eastern Mediterranean 
(Berlin, February 5th 2019) The Lifting of the last element of a noise barrier at the railway crossing Wolziger line in Berlin-Lichtenrade started today symbolically with the construction of the Dresden train. Enak Ferlemann, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure, representatives of the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony and the EU Coordinator for the TEN-T core network corridor “East / Eastern Mediterranean” Mathieu Grosch started together with DB Chairman infrastructure Ronald Pofalla the regionally and internationally important large-scale project. Two new electrified mainline tracks are including a connecting curve to Berlin outer ring produced for around 560 million euros by December 2025 between Berlin Südkreuz and Blankenfelde. About the “Dresdner Bahn” can be reached in 20 minutes and the travel time between Berlin, Dresden and Prague can be shortened the BER airport from the center of Berlin. 

Enak Ferlemann: “The Dresden railway takes Berliner future quickly to the airport BER. The track is also far beyond the capital region and beyond as an efficient, environmentally friendly rail axis between Berlin, Dresden and Prague is important. In short, with the powerful expansion of this leg, we achieve maximum impact in the rail network and this with effective noise protection for residents. ” 

Ronald Pofalla, DB Chairman infrastructure: “On this day we have been waiting for. Finally we can start with the reconstruction of the Dresden train. This connection is important for the airport BER, for faster travel times to Dresden and Prague and for the relief of the distance from Berlin to Leipzig and Munich. Good news for residents: Wherever it is possible, we already provide in advance for noise control and build noise barriers along the way. ” 

Regine Günther, Senator for the Environment, Transport and Climate Change in Berlin: “The start of construction of the Dresden railway opens new perspectives for Berlin: I am pleased that we can go fast, environmentally friendly and climate-friendly Berlin Airport BER, to Dresden or Prague in the future , With this important infrastructure project to shorten travel times, three Berlin train stations to be modernized accessible. So rail travel is more attractive. ” 

Transport Minister Kathrin Schneider: “The expansion of Dresdner railway is an important milestone for more trains and better deals. We have after the completion of the capacity for new lines and better bars on the routes between the BER and Cottbus Airport, Eberswalde and Oranienburg. A win is also the route for the Brandenburg south, because here the travel times are reduced to Berlin. ” 

Saxony’s Economy and Transport Minister Martin Dulig: “I am pleased that another important milestone on the Berlin-Dresden is tackled with the beginning of the expansion of Dresdner Bahn. This will shorten in the not too distant future, the travel time between the main stations of the state and federal capital and in Hamburg for another ten minutes. ” 

Mathieu Grosch, Coordinator TEN projects, European Union: “The expansion of Dresdner Bahn is entirely in the spirit of European transport corridors, among other things, help the EU capitals countries improve networking. This happens here is clearly between Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna and Bratislava on the core network corridor East / Eastern Mediterranean. However, this construction project will also improve the transport by rail and mobility in urban space and allows a good rail connection of the new Berlin airport. Such projects contribute significantly to a modern, multimodal and sustainable transport planning for and get through their many advantages in local and regional transport benefit many citizens. ” 

Already in 2017 the preparatory construction work began south of the station Lichtenrade and the Säntisstrasse in Marienfelde. 2019 begin between Marie field, and the border to Brandenburg step by step the main building, among other things, the construction of the pedestrian underpass at the Wolziger line and the new construction of a road underpass at the Säntisstrasse. 

A total of nine railway crossings are dissolved and built for bridges or underpasses. So that the traffic on the street will not come to a standstill, is designed so that one of two adjacent crossings will remain open as a detour route. 

For the protection of residents from noise during construction and during operation of the railway line already 350 meters noise barrier station Lichtenrade emerged south. And between the Attilastraße and Schichauweg a noise barrier will be built this year. 

Background on “Dresdner Bahn” 

The approximately 16-kilometer-long railway Dresden is part of the Berlin-Dresden and is already driving here no more long distance trains since 1952 since 1875. Dresdner run starts south of the station Berlin Südkreuz where the route branches off from the Anhalt line, checked after 8.7 kilometers, the boundary of Berlin / Brandenburg and leads to Blankenfelde towards Dresden. So it belongs to the European corridor East-Eastern Mediterranean, linking the strategic ports of the Baltic and North Sea with the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. In the urban area the speed limit to 160 km / h limited in Brandenburg to 200 km / h. 
Max Mole accompanied as DB ambassador for construction and this major project. 

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