Transport Official: EU to guarantee continued support for the Fehmarn project.(Femern A / S Newsletter 05/02/2019)

Fehmarn project.(Femern A / S)

EU coordinator visiting Denmark.

The European Union continues to support the Fehmarnbelt link between Denmark and Germany, which will improve the cohesion between the Nordic countries and the rest of the European continent.

It was at least the message from Pat Cox, the EU TEN-T coordinator and former President of the European Parliament when he visited Denmark yesterday Tuesday.

Visited the Minister

The EU parliamentarian, whose main task for the EU as TEN-T coordinator is to tie Europe together in the main transport corridor from Finland to the Mediterranean, visited, among others, Minister of Transport Ole Birk Olesen.

– The Fehmarnbelt link gets and will get the necessary support from the EU. The EU will not be an obstacle to the development of this joint strategic project, said Pat Cox, according to the Ministry of Transport, adding that the Minister noted the support for the Fehmarnbelt.

– I am glad to hear that the EU continues to strongly support the Fehmarnbelt link and the Danish-German work. The Fehmarnbelt link not only has great significance for Denmark, but is a project of crucial importance for Denmark and the EU, says Ole Birk Olesen.

Satisfaction with Femern A / S

In addition, Pat Cox also visited Femern A / S, where he emphasized the same point to the company.

– It is a high priority of the EU and an important improvement in the transport corridor from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. The Fehmarn tunnel is one of Europe’s most important infrastructure projects right now. We are really looking forward to the start of the construction work, and the Danish government can count on continued support, said Pat Cox according to Femern A / S.

Claus F. Baunkjær, Managing Director of Femern A / S, was pleased with the visit and EU support.

– We are happy to be a high-priority construction project in Europe and for the great support and support we receive from the EU. The Fehmarn tunnel is not only a connection between Denmark and Germany, but also a connection between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. It is part of the future European transport network, with all the advantages it will give when the tunnel opens, says Claus F. Baunkjær. / anga.

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