Get in please! S-Bahn Berlin makes so many drivers like never before.(Deutsche Bahn)

Free places for 2019 ⋅ guaranteed employment after successful completion of the exam 

The S-Bahn Berlin has around 3,000 employees of the largest employers in the capital. Good thousand locomotive drivers control the red-yellow trains on the 327 km long railway network with its 166 stations. For many people a dream job. Who wants to be in the S-Bahn Berlin after high school drivers must complete a three-year training. This proceeds in two steps: 

– Two years training as an industrial electrician. Here, the young people learn to install electrical components to place components of the locomotives repaired and learn how a commuter train locomotive works. 

– One year training as a driver (Tf). During this time, skills are acquired in railway operations and learned driving from S-Bahn trains to deliver passengers safely, punctually and comfortably to their destination. 

In the new academic year, which begins in September, the S-Bahn Berlin makes so many school leavers to Tf like never before. Due to high demand for the first time even opened a second class. Thus are 24 training places – the first class is already full, in the second places are still available (Apply under ). 

Job with a future 

Trainees who successfully complete after three years, sitting at Deutsche Bahn firmly in the cab seat, as the company is a wholly owned underwriting. Through two years of training as an industrial electrician, the freshly baked Tf also get the tools at hand to work in other areas of the company. 

Peter Buchner, CEO of S-Bahn Berlin:

“We offer a sound education to train drivers and then a permanent employment relationship young people. We are pleased to employee long-term loyalty to our company in order to secure a stable S-Bahn operation for our customers. ” 

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